With Honduras, with all of Latin America -- sign the statement

July 31, 2009 -- We, the undersigned social, political and solidarity organisations, faced with the ongoing coup d’état in Honduras and the imperialist project of installing military bases in Colombia whose objective is to throttle the hope for liberty and emancipation across the Latin American continent,


1. Our complete support for the immediate and unrestricted return of President Manuel Zelaya and the restitution of constitutional order, without conditions, to Honduras. Furthermore, we demand the punishment of those responsible for the coup d’état and the recognition of people’s sovereignty to freely decide their future, through referendum, consultation or any other means of participative democracy.

2. We denounce the cynicism shown by the US government and its satellites in the Organisation of America States, with an attitude which speaks of the recognition of the constitutionality of Zelaya’s Presidency at the same time as they reach agreements and hold conversations with the organisers of the coup, and carry out all types of delaying tactics with the objective of demobilising the impressive resistance movement which has been awakened in the interior of Honduras, coordinated in the National Resistance Front against the Coup.

3. We consider that all this is part of a planned offensive by North American imperialism and the transnationals, against the countries of the Alba (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas) and all the progressive forces in Latin America in order to preserve their hegemony, their free trade agreements and their interests in privatisation and the exploitation of natural resources.

4.  We reject the suspiciously coordinated campaign of false accusations and lies against the Ecuadorian and Venezuelan governments, originating in the USA — the world’s biggest drug consumer — and Colombia: the biggest producer, thanks to its government, headed by narcopresident Uribe. The leading figures in the international drugs trade have the nerve to talk of the failure of the anti drugs policy in Venezuela. All of this is aimed at justifying the US military presence in the zone, with “Plan Colombia”.

5. We alert public opinion about the seriousness of Colombia becoming the biggest aircraft carrier in history, with the installation of up to seven North American bases, an undisguised threat to the sovereignty of all Latin American countries.  It represents a very grave step towards the internationalisation Colombia’s internal conflict and carries the risk of destabilising the whole region, with a provocation of unforeseeable consequences.

6. We denounce all the media multinationals, from CNN to the Spanish Prisa group, and the whole network of channels, newspapers and radio stations which belong to the local oligarchies, with their “cartel”, the Inter American Press Association, which combine disinformation with lies, in order to create a virtual reality in world public opinion, as a foundation for developing military offensives.

7. We express our commitment to organising all types of solidarity action, as of today and in the most coordinated way possible, to respond robustly to any type of aggression.

Against the oligarchies, the fascist coup in Honduras and the imperialist threat in all of Latin America

Please rush signatures to: assembleabolivariana@gmail.com

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Para enviar adhesiones: assembleabolivariana@gmail.com



Agrupación Local del PCPV-PCE de Sant Joan d'Alacant.

Asociación Asturiana Gaspar García Laviana

Asociación Ateos y Republicanos

Asociación Cultural Iberoamericana "SCORZA"

Asociación de Solidaridad Bolivariana

Asociación Socialismo XXI

Assemblea Bolivariana de Catalunya

Asamblea de Apoyo a Evo Morales y al Proceso Constituyente en Bolívia


AAVV can Ricart

Ateneu Art i Cultura de l’Escala.

Ateneu Rebel (Poble Sec, Barcelona)

Brigada Vallesana Simón Bolívar

Casal Argentino de Barcelona


Casal d’amistat Català-Cubà de Barcelona.

Círculo Bolivariano de Las Palmas Alí Primera

Col·lectiu Maloka (Colombia)

Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina CTA -Barcelona

Colectivo 26 de Julio (Madrid)

Colectivo Latinoamérica XXI

Colectivo Chileno Mapuche Peuma Trawün Chile

Col·lectiu Local de EUPV - Sant Joan. (Alacant)




Educació per a l'Acció Crítica- EdPAC


En Defensa del marxismo  (Revista)

En Lluita

Espai Marx

FAIV, Federación de Asociaciones de Inmigrantes del Valles

FARGA (Fòrum Anticapitalista per la Reflexió y Generació d’alternatives)

Grupo de Apoyo a la Central de trabajadores de la Argentina de Barcelona

Iniciativa Solidaria Internacionalista (ISI), Burgos.

Izquierda Anticapitalista.

Libres del Sur-Argentina (Red en el Estado Español)

Marxa Mundial de Dones de Catalunya.

Partit dels Comunistes de Catalunya (PCC)

PCE (m-l),  Catalunya.

Plataforma Bolivariana de Solidaridad con Venezuela de Madrid


PSUC (viu)


Revolta Global-Esquerra Anticapitalista

Soldepaz pachakuti



CADTM  (Comité pour l'annulation de la dette du Tiers Monde)




Colectivo Feminista de Ecuador

Refundación Socialista de Ecuador


Grupo Trova


MRAP - France (Movimiento contra el Racismo y por la Amnistía entre los Pueblos)

NPA (Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste)




Groupe Revolution Socialiste(GRS) (Martinique)

Centrale Democratique Martiniquaise des Travailleurs(CDMT)

Union des Femmes de la Martinique

Association Martinique/Venezuela


Nettverk for Venezuela


Movimiento de la Juventud Popular Revolucionaria (MJP)

Partido Alternativa Popular (P.A.P)



FUNDESO,   Frente Unido Nacional  De Deportistas Socialistas

Adhesiones individuales:


Claudio Katz, (economista)

Eduardo Lucita (economista)

Analia Averbuj-Periodista

Pérez Nélida Isabel.


Alberto Herbera Lopez, obrero metalúrgico , Catalunya

Anna Gabarró Haro

Antoni Lucchetti, advocat, economista i doctor en Historia Económica

Belén Gopegui. Novelista. España.

Carlos Soriano Clemente, Catalunya.

Cesk Freixas, cantautor i militant d'Endavant (OSAN).

Claudia Calvo Dufort, Catalunya

Constantino Bértolo. Editor.

Diosdado Toledano Gonzalez, miembro de la Comisión Ejecutiva de Izquierda Unida Federal

Esther Vivas, activista y miembro de Izquierda Anticapitalista

Giniveth Soto Quintana. Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela.

(Plataforma Bolivariana de Madrid)

José Gregorio Bracho Reyes

Juan Ramón Rodríguez Madridejos. Abogado del Movimiento Intercultural por los DDHH. España

Kilian Ramiro Grau, Artista.

Mariano Franchy Rodríguez. Islas Canarias.

M. Gabriela Serra. Entrepobles

Mònica Monroy Jurado, Catalunya, Estat Espanyol

Montse Campoy Mestres, Catalunya.

Nydia Mayela Rangel Cárdenas

Òscar Diego Garcia, Catalunya, Estat Espanyol

Patricio Arenas

Ramón Franquesa, Profesor Economía Mundial, Universitat de Barcelona

Robert Gonzàlez Garcia, profesor de secundaria i militante de la USTEC

Sudaka Topo

Verónica Diaz Costanti

Vicente Cervantes Sánchez, Coordinador Azogue.net

Vinx - RadioChango


Alain Krivine

Beatrice Whitaker (NPA)

Daniel Bensaid.

François Sabado

Franck Gaudichaud - France Amerique Latine / Rebelion.org

Michael Lowy

Myriam Martin.

Olivier Besancenot (NPA)

Omar Slaouti.

Roseline Vacheta.

Milagros Riera


Cesyen Cedeño (Mérida)

Luis Antonio Henríquez  Arocha, (Caracas)

Roberto López. Maracaibo. Unión Nacional de Trabajadores del Estado Zulia.

Roland Denis


Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, investigador y editor.


Stop the Honduras fascists and the yankee imperialists

The Obama administration is behind the coup in Honduras. It was directed against the ALBA nations.

Do not let yourself be fooled by the rhetoric of Obama and Hillary. They are on the side of the oligarchs and not the people.

Coup d etat

It is apparent that socialism arrived at democratically, will be met with illegal force. I oppose the junta!

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