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Video: `The Story of Electronics' -- Designed for the dump (from the makers of `The Story of Stuff')


November 10, 2010 -- From the makers of The Story of Stuff and the The Story of Cap and Trade, Annie Leonard presents the latest episode in the series, The Story of Electronics. Like the first film, Leonard simply explains in plain English how an economy based on endless production of commodities for profit's sake creates waste and pollution and poisons people and the planet. While she urges consumers to make wiser choices when they shop, she also points out that it is the nature of the present system of ownership and production, and its lack of adequate regulation, that has to be changed to really make a difference. You can download the annotated script of The Story of Electronics HERE.

Click HERE or more from The Story of Stuff project, including two more films, The Story of Cosmetics and The Story of Bottled Water.


Annie's only got it half right

Annie's only got it half right - "design for the dump" is more properly called "Creative Destruction" - the (never stated) driving rationale for consumer capitalism (look it up in Wikipedia) . Make a few changes - voila - a new product - and new sales. Force obsolescence (parts/services/upgrades no longer available - think bubble jet printers) - more sales - despite the fact that the devices may have realised only a fraction of their potential life span.
In fact the endless production of 'NEW' and 'BETTER' is at the heart of what's causing Anthropogenic global warming. Sure - it has resulted in our ability to do things and communicate faster and more easily ....but at what cost?.

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