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Video: A new European socialist movement? The rise of the the Left party in Germany

The emergence of the Left party (Linkspartei) in Germany is the most significant development of a new political party to the left of social democracy in decades in Europe. The formation of the Left party coincided with the anti-G8 mobilisation in Germany a year ago. It was followed by a startling rise in the opinion polls, and political break-throughs in West Germany, building on its political base in East Germany and the old Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS).

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Part 1: Introduction by Greg Albo.

Ingar Solty, while doing a PhD at York, is a frequent contributor to the journal Das Argument in Germany, where his seminal paper on neoliberalism and the rise of the Left party was originally published and is now forthcoming in English in the journal Socialism and Democracy.


Part 2: Ingar Solty.

Part 3: Ingar Solty.

Frank Deppe has been one of the leading Marxist intellectuals and political activists in West Germany since the 1960s with extensive publications on labour and politics and on Eurocapitalism and the global political economy.


Part 4: Frank Deppe.

Part 5: Frank Deppe.

Part 6: Frank Deppe.

Part 7: Frank Deppe.

Part 8: Frank Deppe.

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