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War in eastern Ukraine and the new Cold War

Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal has published various left viewpoints on the political situation in Ukraine.

October 9, 2014 -- A Socialist in Canada, submitted to Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal by the author -- On September 29, 2014, the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University hosted a talk by Roger Annis on the war in eastern Ukraine and the accompanying political and military threats by NATO and the Kyiv government against Russia. Roger Annis is a Vancouver-based writer and antiwar activist who has written extensively on Ukraine.

The themes covered in the one-hour talk included:

  • The origin of the war—the pro-austerity and pro-NATO turn of Ukraine’s oligarchs, and NATO’s historic animosity to Russia;
  • The Maidan movement and the ascendance of right-wing nationalism in Ukraine;
  • Resistance of the Ukraine and Russian peoples to war and austerity;
  • The myth of "Russian imperialism"; and
  • Solutions: Solidarity and working-class unity for Ukraine. For a federated and democratic Ukraine.

[Roger Annis can be reached at His writings on Ukraine are on his website:]

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