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Nepal: DSP and Resistance message of congratulations to CPN (M)


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The National Executive

Communist Party Nepal (Maoist)

Dear Comrades,


The Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP), a Marxist tendency within the Socialist Alliance in Australia, and the socialist youth organisation Resistance, would like to extend our greetings and congratulations to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) following the recent election of Comrade Prachanda as Prime Minister of Nepal and the formation of a CPN (M)-led government. As a youth organisation, Resistance would also like to send greetings to the Young Communist League. The youth have been playing a leading role in the movements in Nepal, inspiring Resistance members and other young people in Australia.

We know that powerful forces within and outside Nepal have sought to frustrate the formation of a government headed by the CPN (M), despite the mandate won in the elections. We also realise that these vested interests will work to block and attack attempts to win social justice and liberation for the oppressed, and we pledge our solidarity against any attacks from national or imperialist elites aimed at stopping progress for the Nepalese people.

The DSP and Resistance are active in the campaigns in Australia against the imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, environmental destruction and climate change, and the campaigns against Australian governments’ racist attacks on the Indigenous and immigrant communities in Australia. We have a long history of solidarity with democratic and socialist movements and organisations around the world, and have always sought to give a voice to all oppressed peoples and their struggles through the solidarity organisations we lead, and through our newspaper Green Left Weekly ( and our online theoretical magazine Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal (

We seek to understand and learn from the struggles of oppressed people around the world, and work to develop closer links with socialist organisations and other progressive forces. We hope that we can meet with and have discussions with the CPN (M) representative at the Socialism 2008 conference Malaysia in November, at which the DSP will have two representatives attending, and establish ongoing contact and collaboration with both the CPN (M) and the Young Communist League in order to help strengthen the struggle for socialism internationally.


In Solidarity,


Democratic Socialist Perspective

Resistance - Socialist Youth Organisation

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