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Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia condemn Israel's massacres in Gaza

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Dozens of protesters rallied outside the Israeli embassy in Caracas on December 28, in opposition to what one speaker referred to as “genocide” by the Israeli “occupation forces”. The protests will continue in front of the embassy, according to a rally organiser, Hindu Anderi. Anderi, a Palestinian human rights activist, thanked the Venezuelan government for its position on the conflict, but demanded concrete action, saying “solidarity needs to mean taking measures that will affect Israel economically and politically, because otherwise the condition of the Palestinian people will not change”.

Statement by the Ministry of People's Power for Foreign Affairs

December 27, 2008 -- The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, on behalf of the Bolivarian government, and as spokesperson of the Venezuelan people, wants to express his deep indignation at the criminal attack by Israel perpetrated against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

In this sense, the Bolivarian government expresses its solidarity with the Palestinian people and raises its voice before the international community in order to launch a massive rejection campaign of these terrible and violent actions; through which [the Israel government] tries to eliminate the life expectancy of an entire people.

The only government of the world that has been an accessory to this attack has been the US government. And the statements issued by its spokesperson, Gordon Johndroe, are astonishing, since he said the only way to stop violence in the region is by stopping attacks against Israel.

This action could be the invariable "hallmark" of the criminal administration of the outgoing government of the United States; a dying term of office full of violence, which is known worldwide for its persistent disrespect of human rights.

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela calls on those countries loving peace and justice to raise their protesting voices against this aggression. It also urges the United Nations Organisation to exert its authority and impose the numerous resolutions adopted in favour of the Palestinian people and against the state violence practiced by Israel government. This is the only way to guarantee a lasting peace and the end of these [attacks], which are absolutely against the United Nations Charter and other international regulations.

Cuba condemns Israel's bloodshed in Gaza

Havana, December 28, 2008 (Prensa Latina) -- Cuba has strongly condemned Israel's massive airstrikes on the Gaza Strip that have left more than 200 Palestinians dead and hundreds of other wounded.

In a statement issued in Havana, the Cuban revolutionary government called Israel's military operation ``criminal'', terming it as "the bloodiest attack Israel has ever launched against the Palestinian people".

The text notes such air raids are taking place amidst the illegal blockade the Israel government has enforced on the Gaza Strip over the last 18 months, with the aim of Palestinians, including children, women and elderly, to surrender by hunger and disease.

``Cuba strongly condemns this genocidal act by the Israeli government which violates the main principles of international law and the United National Charter'', added the text.

``The Cuban government also urges the international community to condemn the massacre and to request an immediate end for the attacks against the Palestinian civil population. Cuba reiterates its unswerving solidarity and support for the heroic and long-suffering Palestinian people.''

Bolivia denounces Israeli air strikes

The Bolivian government strongly condemned the Israeli air strikes of Palestinian territory of Gaza, which have killed at least 360 Palestinian civilians and soldiers, and injured 1000 others. 

"These attacks ... killed civilians, under the excuse of responding to some militia attacks, and also they have as a military target civilian infrastructure, like universities," said a statement released by the Bolivian
Foreign Ministry.

The statement said the successive Israeli air strikes against civilians in the Gaza Strip were "crimes" and the attacks "represent a severe and massive violation of the International Humanitarian Law."

It is unacceptable in this era of integration and dialogue to launch violent attacks against civilians, said Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca, adding that the issue requires the recognition of the right of the Palestine state to exist and to have its own territory.

He also said these Israeli raids against the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory of 360 square kilometers with 1.5 million people, are extremely grave.

Bolivian President Evo Morales demanded an immediate cease of the Israeli aggressive actions against the Palestinian people.

Bolivia also requested the United Nations and the UN Security Council to adopt a strong position of condemnation against Israel and to urge Israel to give up any military solutions.


Bolivarian Government to Undertake Humanitarian Actions

in Gaza Strip  


The Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs Nicolas Maduro announced that the Bolivarian government will establish an airlift to send humanitarian aid to thousand Palestinian victims affected by Israel’s military raid on the Gaza Strip.

During an event for the Simón Bolívar campaign that took place on Monday in the Teresa Carreño Theater, in Caracas, Maduro announced that “the Venezuelan government has decided to start a humanitarian airlift, together with the Arab and Muslim community and other Latin American countries, to supply medicines, food, drinking water, and milk, among other items.”  


In this sense, the Venezuelan foreign affairs minister said that the Venezuelan State is establishing contact with different humanitarian organizations of the world, as well as other governments in the Middle East, to help the Palestinian people.


The Bolivarian government issued a press release to express its “solidarity with the Palestinian people,” and its “deep indignation” at “the Israel’s criminal attack against Gaza.” It also urged “the United Nations Organization to exert its authority and apply the numerous resolutions adopted in favor of the Palestinian people and against the state violence practiced by the government of Israel.”


Venezuela took its stand and expressed that “this is the only way to guarantee a lasting peace and the end of these facts, which are absolutely against the United Nations Charter and other international norms.”


Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs / January 6, 2009


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