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Scottish Greens

Scotland: Scottish Greens radicalise after the referendum

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By Peter McColl

January 2015 -- Scottish Left Review, posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- The September 18, 2014, independence referendum taught Greens a very important lesson. For the first time, we talked about the full breadth of our politics. And we were rewarded handsomely for this. While the received wisdom has been that Greens always had to talk about the environment to succeed, the referendum showed that there is huge appeal to core Green policies like citizens’ income, participatory democracy and equality.

In England, where Greens have been talking about core Green values like defending public services, renationalising the railways and opposing pro-corporate trade deals, there has been a surge in membership (leading to a doubling in 2014). Greens across the UK are now approaching the UK Indepence Party’s membership, and are beginning to receive some media attention. This is reflected in polling that regularly gives Greens 7%-9% of the vote – the first time such a radical party has scored so highly in the UK.

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