Boris Kagarlitsky: The Hobbesian world of ‘multipolarity’

Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the need for an alternative to the individualist logic of modern liberalism and the totalitarian aggressiveness of the new conservatism.
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Socialist Alliance (Australia): End the hypocrisy on Iran; stop Israel’s war on Palestine

Socialist Alliance condemns Israel and its Western allies, including Australia, for their role in escalating conflict in the Middle East.
Nancy Fraser Michael Probsting Leila Khaled

Speaking out for Palestine is not a crime!

Leila Khaled, Michael Pröbsting and Nancy Fraser, all of whom have been recently interviewed by LINKS, are facing repression due to their support for Palestine.
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The persistence of global capitalism’s Long Depression: An interview with Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts looks at the state of the US and world economy, the reasons for what he calls the Long Depression, and how it is driving political polarization and imperial rivalries.
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Sudan: More than a domestic conflict

Saskia Jaschek — It is impossible to understand the war in Sudan without accounting for the regional and international interests involved.
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Gilbert Achcar: The coming Israeli attack on Iran (Plus: ‘Tehran found itself backed into a corner by the attack on its consulate’)

Gilbert Achcar — There is little doubt that Israel will respond to Iran’s launch of three hundred and twenty drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles on its territory with a major attack on Iran, and this for several reasons.

Global crisis, conflict and war: What internationalism for the 21st century?

Pierre Rousset provides an overview of the unfolding “polycrisis” the world is immersed in.
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South Africa: Unlike ANC governments, we must practice consistent, inclusive solidarity and internationalism

Dale T McKinley — We need to speak out and mobilising against injustice, oppression and exploitation wherever they occur.
Taras Bilous

‘If we didn’t join the armed forces, the left in Ukraine would cease to exist,’ says Taras Bilous

An interview with Taras Bilous, a Ukrainian historian and essayist who has served in the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the Russian aggression.
European elections

European elections: A radical, unitary and democratic left for a real alternative

Struggles must not only be a defensive reaction, but build “a new political force, stronger and more popular than what organizations and struggles represent today.”
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Capitalism, corporates, cronies and common people in India’s ‘new democracy’ on sale: The case of the electoral bond scheme

Raju J Das — In India’s complex and increasingly autocratic political landscape, Hindu supremacism is in a mutually beneficial alliance with corporates against democracy.
CPIML manifesto

India: CPI(ML) Liberation releases Manifesto for Lok Sabha elections 2024

CPI(ML) Liberation has released its Lok Sabha Election manifesto with the clarion call to end the disastrous and dictatorial Modi reign of corporate loot, communal hate and constitutional subversion.