(Video) Inside the aggressor: Resisting Putin's 'mobilization' for the war in Ukraine

An online discussion on the political situation in Russia highlighting resistance to Putin's 'mobilization' of residents for the war in Ukraine.

0:00 -Introduction

5:25- Alexandra Talaver speaking on feminists' role in the resistance to the war

21:49- Ilya Matveev on Russian emigrants as political actors

39:10- Ilya Budraitskis on ideological justifications of the invasion

1:15:16- Maxim Alyukov on state propaganda for the war 1:43:21- Anna Gomboeva on Russia's Indigenous peoples' resistance to the war

2:23:55- Volodymyr Ishchenko on ruling-class attempts to consolidate capitalism within Russia

2:56:26- Oleg Zhuravlev on qualitative data on Russians' perception of the war