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Pakistan: Doob Gaya Hai -- a song for flood victims, by Laal (Red)

[Readers can donate to help flood victims via the Australian trade unions' aid agency APHEDA at]

By Taimur Rahman

September 5, 2010 -- I am the main performer in this song. Laal (Red) is a communist band. My name is Taimur Rahman and I am also the general secretary of the Communist Mazdoor Kisan Party (Communist Workers and Peasants Party). This song is not produced for a particular organisation but just to raise awareness about the issue.

The translation is in the discription section of the Youtube page. But here it is just in case you missed it.


My house with its earthen courtyard, my sanctuary
My lifeline of support, my home village
The shadows of my every memory, and every moment, are here.
My blood, my sweat, my death and life are all here.

(But now) Everything has drowned, Everything has drowned

If you were in my stead?
You'd have no option but to voice your pain.
If you were in my stead?
You'd have no option but to spread your hands to beg.

Everything has drowned, Everything has drowned.

There is a lot about Laal on the internet. But here is a recent speech I made in India that I thought I would share with you just to give you an idea about who we are (it's in English):

Warm regards,

Taimur Rahman

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