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Video: Stop the financialisation of nature!

June 28, 2012 -- ATTAC.TV -- A recently released, short animated film about the takeover of nature by financial markets and the real alternatives coming up from the civil society.

An initiative of SOMO, European Attac Network, Food&Water Europe, Friends of Earth, Amis de la Terre, Carbon Trade Watch, WEED, Ecologistas en Acción, Aitec and Campagna per la riforma della Banca Mondiale. Produced by La Antena and AttacTV. Animated by desarme s.c.


Cash Conversion

The meaning and reason for life is being lost in the rat-race to accumulate more and more commodities that will inevitably become rubbish and pollution a few years (or months) later.
Ordinary people of the world need representation at a level where life value is placed above dollar value.
Ordinary people of the world require equanimity beside big business and corporate trade.
Ordinary people of the world need more natural lives and more connection with nature in order to feel happy and fulfilled.
Corporate big business is devouring nature at such a rate that all that will be left is a barren landscape littered with yesterday's commodities - rubbish, thereby opening another business opportunity for themselves to sell back what they have stolen and ruined ~ nature.

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