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Video: Patrick Bond on the global fight for climate justice

On March 4, Patrick Bond addressed a meeting organised by Climate and Capitalism blog in Toronto, Canada, and supported by Socialist Project in Canada and Socialist Voice, among others. Bond will also be a featured speaker at the Climate Change l Social Change conference in Sydney, Australia, April 11-13. Watch Patrick Bond's presentation below.

Patrick Bond is director of the Centre for Civil Society and professor of Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. He is working with Climate Justice Now!, a coalition of organisations that represent Third World communities, indigenous peoples, women and peasant farmers, working together to improve communication and intensify actions to prevent and respond to climate change.

Patrick Bond’s many books include Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Civil Society (2007), Fanon’s Warning (2005), Against Global Apartheid (Zed Books, 2003), Zimbabwe’s Plunge (2003), and Unsustainable South Africa (2002).

Part 1: Introduction by Ian Angus editor of blog.



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