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Dictatorship and Resistance in Turkey and Kurdistan



By Sarah Parker and Phil Hearse, foreward by Kate Hudson


June 23, 2016 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- Left Unity is an internationalist party that puts solidarity with peo-ple in struggle at the heart of its work. We see the problems that we face in Britain – like austerity, racism and war – as global, systemic problems, not ones we can deal with on a national basis. So we actively work to build links, across Europe and beyond, with progressive, left parties and movements to fight for an alternative and build a better world. As part of the European Left Party we have a good basis from which to act.


One of the crucial causes today is for solidarity with the struggle for human rights and democracy for the Turkish and Kurdish people, and we have reached out to link hands with the opposition to the brutal Erdoğan regime in Turkey. We have taken part in actions in solidarity with the HDP party and those under vicious assault for defending democracy and opposing dictatorship.


This pamphlet is a contribution to that developing solidarity. We hope, through providing expert information and analysis, to help break the silence about the war on the Kurds, raising awareness and increasing public understanding of the desperate struggle that is taking place. Our ultimate goal is to see an end to the war, to the displacement, and to the abuse of human rights. We will stand shoulder to shoulder in this struggle until that goal is achieved.


Kate Hudson,


National Secretary, Left Unity


Dictatorship and Resistance in Turkey and Kurdistans Pamphlet


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