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How international big business colluded with South Africa's apartheid regime; Audio added July 13, 2008

Dennis Brutus, veteran anti-apartheid campaigner, describes how US, British and other major multinational corporations colluded with the racist regime of apartheid South Africa. Brutus is attempting to win reparations for superprofits made through the exploitation and repression of black South African workers. For further background to this, go to ``Can reparations for apartheid profits be won in US courts?''.



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Friday, July 11th, 2008


Nelson Mandela hid out in Dennis Brutus’ house while the apartheid army searched for him. Then Dennis served hard time in jail with Mandela and other heros of the anti-apartheid freedom struggle, and was a member of the African National Congress.

Today, some of those same South African radicals are opposing a lawsuit that Dennis Brutus and others have brought in US Federal Court in New York, which seeks to hold multi-billion dollar corporations accountable for their collaboration with apartheid and profiteering off of slave labour.

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