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Indian communists condemn Mumbai terror attack

By Dipankar Bhattacharya, General Secretary, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation

November 27, 2008 -- The terror strike last night on Mumbai's most prominent landmark locations including luxury hotels and the biggest and busiest railway station in the city has already claimed more than 100 lives. Those killed in the terror strikes include as many as 16 policemen including ATS Chief Hemant Karkare who was heading the probe into Malegaon blasts and several foreign citizens. The CPI (ML) strongly condemns the attacks and offers deep condolences to the families of all those killed. We hope the hostages are rescued without any further loss.

The Mumbai attacks have exposed huge chinks in the armour of the intelligence and security agencies of the government. Unlike the bomb blasts experienced in places like Jaipur, Delhi and Guwahati, the Mumbai attacks have been targeted against the city's most prominent luxury hotels like the Taj Mumbai and Oberoi Trident, quite similar to the attack on Islamabad's Marriott hotel two months ago. The failure of the government to provide security even in such select high-security high-profile locations points to a serious crisis of internal security. The entire lapse needs to be probed most thoroughly, and the central government must immediately set up a high level judicial inquiry headed by a sitting Supreme Court judge.

At this hour of grave insecurity and grief, it is particularly important to maintain the unity and determination of the people and rebuff every attempt to create division and spread terror and panic among the people. The spirit of people's unity and democracy must prevail over the designs of terror and the failure of government machinery.

Socialist Centre of India condemns attack

By Asit Bhattacharyya, Central Committee, Socialist Unity Centre of India

November 27, 2008 -- SUCI condemns dastardly act of indiscriminate firing and explosions in Mumbai and indicts government for abject failure in protecting life and property of people.

Shri Nihar Mukherjee, General Secretary, SUCI, in the course of a statement issued today vehemently condemned the diabolic act of near-simultaneous indiscriminate grenade and bullet attack at seven landmark spots including hospitals and busy thoroughfares of Mumbai on 26 November 2008 in which the death toll reported so far has crossed 100 and the number of injured has touched 400.

Whosoever has indulged in such a brutal strike resulting in death of innocent unarmed people for whatsoever a cause must bear in mind that it is bound to have dire consequences and boomerang effect, reminded Shri Mukherjee. Continuing further, Shri Mukherjee urged upon all concerned to realise that even ventilation of a just cause is circumscribed by adoption of right and appropriate course of action which precludes mindless violence and killing of common people.

He, therefore, called upon all concerned to shun inappropriate, unjust and self-defeating means to achieve their ends. Strongly indicting the central and state governments, Shri Mukherjee added that this wanton killing of people in the very heartland of the commercial capital of the country which has already been victim of at least twenty five such dastardly violence shows how criminally callous and irresponsible they are towards protecting the life and property of the common citizens despite boasting of having a well-knit intelligence system and most sophisticated armed cops and military.

Strongly criticising the governments, Shri Mukherjee stated that while they had no clue of such a large-scale operation being perpetrated by a highly organised group of people, they have now suddenly found that hundreds of suspect elements had sneaked into the country by sea. This, he said, is nothing but a lame excuse to shield its inaction and abject failure in discharging its minimal obligation to the people who are dying like cats and dogs in such serial blasts and cowardly acts.

Shri Mukherjee demanded of the government to immediately take necessary measures to stop such incidents of mindless killing and violence, use its intelligence and police-military to identify, nab and produce before the people those responsible for this heinous crime and restore confidence of the people now in a state of total helplessness and insecurity.

Expressing heart-felt condolence and deep sympathy for those having lost their lives and sustained grievous injuries, he demanded adequate compensation to all the victims as well as free proper medical assistance to the injured.

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