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The aid appeal that the BBC does not want people to see

By Dave Riley

January 27, 2009 -- LeftClick -- That emergency appeal for humanitarian aid for Gaza that the BBC refuses to broadcast? Watch it for yourself:

The video was made when the death toll was "just" "a few hundred" and it is completely apolitical (the word "Israel" doesn't even appear in the script). The power of its images alone is self-evident, making it clear why the BBC doesn't want it seen. Reality, in this case, has an anti-Israel bias. The decision provoked protests across Britain.

Send your complaint to the BBC HERE.

Veteran Labour socialist Tony Benn slams BBC


The BBC is committing a war crime . . .

. . . by not showing this appeal. God, where is their sense of humanity? If this were a people devastated by an earthquake, would there be any issue? If this was a scene from Israel, after the devastation at the hands of some enemy, would the Beeb think twice about it? No. The BBC is taking the position that Palestinians are somehow lesser humans and not worthy of its airwaves. A conspiracy theory: the BBC is actually upset that there's more news content in the DEC's Gaza appeal than the Beeb actually broadcast to its viewers during the 22 days of annihilation. Your agenda is showing, Auntie Beeb, and the entire world is on to you.

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