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Graphic eyewitness photo essay: Police attack Occupy Oakland


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Photographs by Jean-Philipe Dobrin, Oakland, California

October 25, 2011 -- Posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal with the photographer's express permission. Unauthorised use of images is not permitted. Please contact before using images. All images © -- Hundreds of police staged a pre-dawn raid on the Occupy Oakland encampment in the city's main square October 25, firing tear gas, beanbag rounds and rubber bullets, and arresting at least 85 protesters, reported Socialist Worker's Alessandro Tinonga (read the full report HERE).

Later that day, about 1000 people gathered at the Oakland Public Library and then marched up 14th Street, picking up larger numbers along the way, to the site of the encampment, Frank Ogawa Plaza, which the Occupy protesters had renamed in honour of police murder victim Oscar Grant. Police were out in full force again to stop anyone from entering the plaza. When demonstrators refused to follow police orders to disperse, the cops once again fired tear gas and flash grenades at the crowd.

Photographer Jean-Philippe "J.P." Dobrin was also there. Here are his graphic photos of the day as it unfolded.



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