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Video: Boris Kagarlitsky on the left and labour in Russia under Putin

With Boris Kagarlitsky, Institute For Globalization and Social Movements, Moscow.

Since the collapse of the old Soviet Union in the 1990s and the end of the politically bankrupt regime of Boris Yeltsin in 2000, Vladimir Putin has consolidated power in Russia. He has ruled over an economy growing at about 7% per year, and, in Kagarlitsky's view, establishing Russia as an 'empire of the periphery'. The left and workers have faced enormous challenges in the new (and not so new) Russia in the face of massive economic restructuring and major political obstacles. This discussion will address how the left, workers and unions are attempting to re-group and respond to these challenges.

Kagarlitsky's latest book is Empire of the Periphery published by Pluto. He addressed a public meeting in Toronto, on April 3, 2008, sponsored by Socialist Project, Socialist Voice and the New Socialist Group.


Part 1: Introduction by Greg Albo.

Part 2: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 3: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 4: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 5: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 6: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 7: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 8: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 9: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 10: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 11: Boris Kagarlitsky.

Part 12: Boris Kagarlitsky.

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