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Malaysia: For a united opposition to Barisan Nasional election fraud

Kuala Lumpur, May 8, 2013. Tens of thousands of Malaysians protest government's electoral fraud.

By S. Arutchelvan, secretary general, Parti Sosialis Malaysia

May 8, 2013 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- The Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM, Socialist Party of Malaysia) calls for a united position to fight the result of the 13th general election [held on May 13 and "won" by the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) led coalition].

The many irregularities during the election, the tainted electorol roll, the "indelible" ink  [which washed off] scandal, vote buying and phamton voters calls for not only an investigation but a referundum and challenge to the result itself.

The bigger issue is not about an investigation but the legitimacy of the current government. The result of the election gave the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) a popular majority over BN [in terms of total votes cast]. We are being ruled by a government that does not have the support of more than half the voters.

With this in view, the PSM calls upon Bersih, the strongest and the most dominant free and fair election movement, to lead the way in ensuring that the rakyat [people's] democratic right to representation from a rightful government is not denied or hijacked. the PSM believes that Bersih has the moral high ground and discipline to move the democratic struggle to the next stage. 

Besides that, PSM also calls upon the Pakatan Rakyat leadership, who have majority support, to give clear direction on what is to be done. Currenlty, only PR leader Anwar Ibrahim seems to be addressing the issue of electoral fraud and we do not seem to be getting consistent response from other PR leaders, especially Hadi Awang of the PAS, who seems to have accepted the result. This lack of clarity is confusing the people at large. 

Only a united and coordinated movement can redeem the pride of the common people who chanted the slogan "ini kali lah” ["This time"] and ”ubah” in the last two weeks.

The PSM is committed to ensure that the rights of the rakyat is not robbed in broad daylight and will work with Bersih and all democratic forces to see justice prevail. Finally, we hope that the police force and the army will remain neutral while litigation goes on about the legitimacy of the current government. 

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