Gilbert Achcar

Gilbert Achcar — The truth is that the current aggression against Gaza constitutes, in the clearest possible form, a genocidal war that includes mass murder and “ethnic cleansing”.
Gilbert Achcar — A ground invasion appears imminent, but what is the political endgame?
Gilbert Achcar — In the last few days, Gaza has epitomized the global North-South divide more than any other conflict in contemporary history.
Gilbert Achcar — Consistent anti-imperialists must combine their support of Ukraine’s right to self-defence with support for a UN-based peaceful settlement of the ongoing war
Gilbert Achcar, Zofia Malisz and Ilya Matveev - What comparative-historical parallels can help to understand the dynamics of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its consequences? What should be the anti-imperialist position in such conditions? Does the left have anything to say about the security situation in the world in the medium term? A roundtable discussion.