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Eric Toussaint — What is certain is that if we do not try to build a powerful international movement against the far right, the latter is likely to continue its advance and become emboldened.
Maria Elena Saludas — On 9, 10 and 11 May 2024, the VI International Ecosocialist Meeting and the I Latin American and Caribbean Ecosocialist Meeting will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Antoine Larrache and Lauriane Misandro speak to Rafael Bernabe about the current political situation in Puerto Rico.
Steve Ellner lays down the political stakes and US meddling ahead of Venezuela's electoral race.
José Cambra recounts how popular mobilization defeated an anti-environmental policy in Panama.
Venezuelan trade union leader and political activist Stalin Pérez Borges is currently in intensive care in a hospital in Argentina due to pancreatitis.

Mariana Riscali looks at the state of Brazil’s far right, as well as the country’s trade unions and social movements, and outlines MES’ views on parliamentary work, ecosocialism and internationalism.

Mariana Riscali discusses PSOL’s relationship with the new Lula government and the tensions this has caused within the party.

Guillaume Long — Ecuador is swiftly becoming the new frontline of the failed US War on Drugs. It may take years or even decades for the country to rebuild a state that can guarantee peace and security for its people.

Revolutionary Movement of Workers — An immense wave of violence has been unleashed throughout the country. Ecuador is going through a moment of very deep crisis, perhaps the most serious in its history.
André Singer & Fernando Rugitsky — One year after Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s return to power, it is possible to make a preliminary assessment of his governing strategy.
Álvaro García Linera argues that to defeat the extreme right, the left must pursue greater wealth redistribution, not moderation or conciliation.