Marxist theory

Michael Pröbsting — The struggle against imperialist aggression and wars has always been an elementary feature of the revolutionary program in modern times.
Steve Leigh — Ian Angus's excellent new book covers the violent transition from feudalism to capitalism, demonstrating its relevance to the modern world.
Ilya Matveev — Vast shifts in the world economy are driving a new imperialist rivalry, for which a series of regional wars are creating dangerous flash points.
Paul Le Blanc offers a socialist perspective on the Russia-Ukraine war, arguing for solidarity with Ukraine's fight for self-determination while opposing the imperialist agendas of both Russia and Western powers.
Fourth International — An ecosocialist society is needed, and can be achieved only through a revolution. This manifesto tries to assess the best ways and means towards this aim.
Jeyakumar Devaraj — The PSM have come to see that Gramsci’s analysis of society speaks to our predicament.
Daniel Tanuro — In ‘Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism’, Kohei Saito showed how the mature Marx had broken with productivism. His new book, ‘Marx in the Anthropocene’, continues the reflection.
Paul Le Blanc — Lenin's conception of socialism, which he shared with Marx and Engels, with Eugene V. Debs and Rosa Luxemburg, and with many others, remains a possible alternative to capitalism that is worth considering and fighting for.

The following presentation was given by Tamás Krausz on February 1 as part of a panel on “What was socialism for Lenin?” that was part of the ongoing “Leninist Days/Journadas Leninistas” series of lectures.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ Communist Manifesto was published in February, 1848. It is truly a part of what Marx called world literature that capitalism has given rise to.

Ann Robertson — The dialectic is a powerful weapon for revolutionary socialists who seek to understand our surrounding world for the purpose of changing it.