Ecosocialist manifesto
Ecosocialist Revolution: A Manifesto is published by Anti*Capitalist Resistance. The document and was adopted by Anti*Capitalist Resistance at their 2024 conference.
degrowth and ecosocialism
Monthly Review — The myth of Prometheanism in Marx’s thought, revived by two opposite extremes on the issue, has resulted in the erection a “Tower of Babel” that threatens to extinguish much that has been achieved by Marxian ecology.
New Popular Front France
Nessim Achouche — French president Emmanuel Macron’s unexpected gamble has unleashed a new, dynamic mobilization on the left.
Communist Party of Austria
Daniel Schukovits — In Austria’s recent European elections, the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) accomplished a remarkable surge, quadrupling its vote share.
PLM anti-vaccine covert operation
Partido Lakas ng Masa condemns in the strongest possible terms the deadly covert operations conducted by US imperialism against the Filipino people during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Zabalaza for Socialism — The elections of May 29 and the inauguration of the Government of National Unity (GNU) mark a critical shift in the country’s political landscape.
Israel Zionism
Ilan Pappé — We are witnessing a historical process – or, more accurately, the beginnings of one – that is likely to culminate in the downfall of Zionism.
Netanyahu Gantz
Gilbert Achcar — With the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip completed and the question of its political fate coming to the fore, the Zionist consensus represented by Netanyahu’s war cabinet has ended.
Adam Hanieh cartoon
Adam Hanieh provides an alternative approach to understanding Palestine – one that is framed by the wider region and the Middle East’s central place in our fossil fuel-centred world.
Mandela Palestine
Salim Vally discusses Israel’s war on Gaza and the global campaign against Israeli apartheid.
Cyn Huang, Daniil Sapunkov and Amey discuss how the Palestine student movement plans to progress over the summer break and its impact on labour struggles, the left and the 2024 presidential elections.
Modi 3.0
CPI(ML) Liberation — By all indications Modi will try to stabilise the new government by paying lip service to the NDA while continuing his aggressive fascist agenda, even if at a slightly slower pace at first.