Russian imperialism

New York City rally protests 70 years of Nakba

Western imperialism’s ideological crisis

Michael Pröbsting — There are glaring and growing contradictions between the official ideological justifications and actual foreign policies of Western imperialism.
National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan meets with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, October 2023.

The ‘multipolar world’: A euphemism to support multiple imperialisms

Frederick Thon Ángeles, Manuel Rodríguez Banchs and Jorge Lefevre Tavárez put forward 18 ideas about the new world order, the dangers of rising inter-imperial conflict, and the need to build an independent pole anchored in the international working class.

Ukraine at a turning point: Imperialism, national liberation and solidarity

Ilya Budraitskis, Hanna Perekhoda and Simon Pirani on the global ramifications of Putin’s effort to erase Ukraine’s right to self-determination and the challenges it pose to those seeking to solidarize with victims of imperialism.
US soldiers in Iraq

Anti-Imperialism then & now: On the principles of anti-imperialism in view of changes in world capitalism

Michael Pröbsting — The struggle against imperialist aggression and wars has always been an elementary feature of the revolutionary program in modern times.
Tempest Georgia

Resisting authoritarianism in the Caucasus: Interview with Georgians about their struggle to defend democracy

Ia Eradze, Giorgi Kartvelishvili, Luka Nakhutsrishvili, Tamar Qeburia, and Lela Rekhviashvili answer questions about the roots, nature, and trajectory of the country’s social movements and the future of Georgia.
imperialism and antiimperialism

Imperialism and anti-imperialism today

Ashley Smith — The United States remains the world’s most powerful state. But it faces imperial rivals in China and Russia and sub-imperial ones in every region of the globe.
Biden Xi

We live in a world of growing imperialist rivalries

Ilya Matveev — Vast shifts in the world economy are driving a new imperialist rivalry, for which a series of regional wars are creating dangerous flash points.

The Global South has become the focus of inter-imperialist rivalry

Michael Pröbsting — We have entered a historic period where several imperialist Great Powers are rivalling for hegemony. This development is accelerating global instability, wars and economic crisis.
Marx et al

From the genocide in Palestine and Ukraine to the fascist threat: Working toward a revolutionary, Marxist-Humanist response

Today’s global capitalism is sinking into unimaginable levels of barbarism. Nowhere is this barbarism more glaring than in Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Ukraine’s fight for freedom: A socialist case for solidarity and self‑determination

Paul Le Blanc offers a socialist perspective on the Russia-Ukraine war, arguing for solidarity with Ukraine's fight for self-determination while opposing the imperialist agendas of both Russia and Western powers.
Ukraine Palestine occupation is a crime

Palestine, Ukraine and the crisis of empires (plus: No path to peace in Ukraine through this fantasy world)

Simon Pirani — What can we, in the labour and social movements, do about these two conflicts that are transforming the world we live in, and heightening fears of bigger, bloodier wars?
Russian against war

Russian Socialist Movement: ‘Stop the war’ has to mean ‘death to the dictatorship’

Russian Socialist Movement — Two years ago, Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This was not a response to any military threat posed by Ukraine or NATO: it was an attempt to subjugate a neighboring country that Putin simply believes should not exist.