Construction workers in Marbella, Spain. Photo by Chris Gold. Used under CC license 2.0.

Green class struggle: Workers and the Just Transition

Gareth Dale — A resilient history of workers’ initiatives overcoming redundancies, alongside recent activist, trade-union and workforce collaborations, provide concrete examples for empowered just transitions.
“Anti-government protest in Sri Lanka 2022” by AntanO is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Sri Lanka: The conjuncture in the crisis

Balasingham Skanthakumar looks at the conjuncture in Sri Lanka, two years after the citizens’ movement and in the run-up to the presidential election later this year.

Mariana Riscali (MES/PSOL, Brazil): The rise of the global far right and the role of the socialist left

Mariana Riscali — In confronting the far right, unity among all who oppose the far right and defend democracy is essential. At the same time, we must maintain our political independence and remain true to our program.
Boris Kagarlitsky

‘A “black swan” will inevitably alight’: Boris Kagarlitsky on why the left movement will have to be constructed afresh

From a Russian prison, Boris Kagarlitsky puts forward his views on the rise of the far right and reasons for the left's crisis.
Global anti-apartheid program of action

‘Intensify the global anti-apartheid movement against Israel and for Palestine’: Global Anti-Apartheid Conference program of action

The Global Anti-Apartheid Conference program of action encourages the establishment of activist, grassroots structures in every country to stop the genocide in Gaza.
US global capitalism

US empire, global capitalism and the ‘internationalisation’ of states: An interview with Sam Gindin

Sam Gindin discusses the rise of the US empire, its role in creating a truly global capitalism and the challenges it faces today.
New York City rally protests 70 years of Nakba

Western imperialism’s ideological crisis

Michael Pröbsting — There are glaring and growing contradictions between the official ideological justifications and actual foreign policies of Western imperialism.
National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan meets with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, October 2023.

The ‘multipolar world’: A euphemism to support multiple imperialisms

Frederick Thon Ángeles, Manuel Rodríguez Banchs and Jorge Lefevre Tavárez put forward 18 ideas about the new world order, the dangers of rising inter-imperial conflict, and the need to build an independent pole anchored in the international working class.
The last French soldiers leave Niger.

West African coups: Just changing masters

Paul Martial — Mali, then Burkina Faso, and finally Niger have experienced coups d’état. Some see the coup leaders as new heralds of Africa’s liberation. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different.
Kenya protests

Kenya: Everything must fall, everything must change

Njuki Githethwa writes that the current regime in Kenya has been struck a devastating blow by the uprising of youth. But success will depend on how well placed social forces and revolutionary organisations are to extend this uprising.
María Corina Machado

In Venezuela, Washington and the mainstream media are backing global far right ally María Corina Machado

Steve Ellner — María Corina Machado’s rise as the supreme leader of the Venezuelan opposition is part of a worldwide trend in which far-right leaders and movements have achieved major inroads.
Russia targets children KVPU

Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine: Russia is purposefully launching missile strikes on children, patients, and workers in Ukraine

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine calls on the international community, trade unions and governments to strengthen their support for Ukraine as Russia continues its terrorist attacks and genocidal war in Ukraine.