Antoine Larrache & Terry Conway — Israel’s offensive against Gaza has sparked a worldwide revolt unlike any other issue.
Yusuf Karadaş — Erdoğan's government is among the regimes that are trying to use the reactions against colonialism in Africa (especially in Muslim countries) and the struggle for domination between imperialists, as an opportunity for their own expansionist ambitions.
Dipankar Bhattacharya — Far developing India into a stronger democracy and powerful voice for global justice, peace and planetary survival, the Modi government is pushing India into a state of strategic dependence on the US and its western allies.
Kevin B. Anderson — After a racist police murder, an uprising of France’s marginalized youth has targeted the state apparatus in an unprecedented ways, exposing the race/class faultlines of modern capitalism.
David Broder — Figures like Italy’s Giorgia Meloni threaten to establish a new normal in European politics.
Léon Crémieux — On 30 April, the Polynesian pro-independence Tavini party won a solid majority in the Territorial Assembly for the first time. This confirms a real change in the political landscape in the archipelago
Chris Maisano surveys the views and policies of left-wing parties in Europe regarding the Ukraine war.
Léon Crémieux — It is clear that we are heading for a major political and social confrontation in the coming weeks in France.
Léon Crémieux - The question of pensions will become a major social and political issue in France.
In December 2022, the New Anticapitalist Party’s (NPA) congress ended in a split between two roughly equivalent forces. While the future of the NPA tendency animated by former militants of the Revolutionary Communist League (LCR) is uncertain, François Sabado looks back on this crisis and takes stock of this attempt to unite the anti-capitalists.
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By Lisbeth Latham

March 2, 2020  — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from Revitalising Labour — On February 29, French prime minister Edouard Philippe announced that the government would use clause 49.3 of the French Constitution, which allows the government to pass legislation without a parliamentary vote, to enable the government to expedite the passing the government’s controversial pension reforms. The exercise of Guillotine was primarily aimed at blunting efforts by left parties to hold up the passage of the legislation through parliament. However, the government also hopes that the passage of the legislation will undermine the current movement to defend the pensions.