Rasti Delizo critically examines the foreign policy of the Philippines under Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and its role in a globalized NATO which seeks to expand to the Asia-Pacific region in its imperial contest with China.
David Camfield and Charlie Post argue that Palestinian liberation requires a regional revolutionary strategy based on the politics and methods of socialism from below.
Israel bombing Gaza
Colton Campbell — The ongoing suffering in Gaza invoke a sense of urgency in labeling the situation for what it is, and for prompt investigation and adjudication, rather than waiting for a tragic culmination.
Russian bombing Ukraine
Fred Leplat — While the Ukrainian people continue their courageous fight against occupation, the West has cynically used the conflict to rebrand itself as a guarantor of democracy while withholding weapons and aid from Ukraine.
Boris Kagarlitsky free
Interview with Boris Kagarlitsky, Russian sociologist, left-wing activist and a critic of Putin's intervention in Ukraine, on being freed after four months in jail on the unproven charge of "justifying of terrorism".
Eric Toussaint — The World Bank report on the debts of “developing countries,” published on December 13, 2023, reveals an alarming fact: in 2022, developing countries as a whole spent a record US$443.5 billion to pay for their external public debt.
Gilbert Achcar — The likelihood of a new massive aggression launched by the Zionist state against Lebanon has become very high indeed
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David Finkel — The United States’ December 8 veto of the UN Security Council emergency ceasefire resolution makes it all but official that the catastrophe engulfing Gaza and all of Palestine is a joint Israel-U.S. war of genocide.
Prabhat Patnaik
Prabhat Patnaik — The crisis of overproduction/underconsumption cannot be overcome within neoliberal capitalism itself. The only way out of this crisis is to go beyond neoliberal capitalism which is to go beyond capitalism.
Battle for India's Republic
Dipankar Bhattacharya — Republic Day has long been reduced to a celebration of India's military might. But the challenge of reclaiming the constitutional moorings of modern India could not be any starker than on this coming Republic Day of 2024.
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Why is Russian aggression in Ukraine imperialist? How is it possible to interpret it based on Lenin’s analysis of imperialism, and how do these interpretations differ? Social researcher Anatoly Kropivnitskyi delves into the political economy of empires.
Anti*Capitalist Resistance comrades speak to Vasylyna, a member of Sotsialnyi Rukh, and Mia, an activist in the Russian Socialist Movement, about the war and their organisation's activities.