Plan Pueblo a Pueblo food distribution activity at Mateo Liscano School, Quibor, Venezuela. Photo by Gerardo Rojas.
Chris Gilbert — To frame the ecological promise of Venezuela’s communal project, it is useful to consider some of its main features, and contrast them with the capital system.
Jorge Costa
In this wide-ranging interview, Jorge Costa of Portugal's Left Bloc covers developments in Portuguese politics under the Socialist Party government, the rise of the far right Chega!, relations with the Portuguese Communist Party, and challenges facing the party as it returns to growth with an influx of a generation of younger activists.
Perikatan Nasional
Arveent Kathirtchelvan, Choo Chon Kai and Peter Boyle provide some updates on the Socialist Party of Malaysia's campaign for the coming state elections.
Assa Traoré
Kevin B. Anderson — After a racist police murder, an uprising of France’s marginalized youth has targeted the state apparatus in an unprecedented ways, exposing the race/class faultlines of modern capitalism.
Pakistani Rupee
Farooq Tariq — The International Monetary Fund’s Executive Board has approved a larger-than-expected conditional loan worth $3 billion for Pakistan. But the common people will have to pay a heavy price due to the IMF's draconian terms and conditions.
Finland s President Sauli Niinisto meets with the new government led by Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, Helsinki, June 20, 2023
Pinja Vuorinen — After only two weeks in power, Finland’s new right-wing coalition faces neo-Nazi scandals and a mounting opposition to its austerian agenda that make it seem increasingly unlikely to last the full four-year election cycle.
Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap) and his cabinet during the opening of the 167th Norwegian Parliament on 3rd October 2022
Ingrid Wergeland — The first two years of Norway’s Labour Party/Centre Party coalition government have seen the challenges mount up, with debates about solidarity dominating at the international level, while domestic economic inequality has increased.
Güney Işıkara & Özgür Narin — The dialogue between advocates of degrowth and socialism has brought about a partial convergence. At the same time, salient differences between the two currents, highly heterogeneous within themselves, still persist.
smash patriarchy
Sue Bull — To fight against patriarchy, we need to know where it comes from, how it developed and how it became so effective.
Jan Czajkowski — The war against Ukraine is not just one more political issue among others, where it is possible to have different opinions within the left. Rather, it is a watershed moment.
Hands of Ukraine
Murray Smith — The war in Ukraine has cast a harsh light on the radical left in Europe, revealing the best and the worst.
Putin Ramaphosa
Dale T McKinley — It is unfortunately all too predictable that some on the left are consistently calling for imperial nations/the West to stop objectifying the people of the Global South, while refusing to apply the same to the majority of people and the left in Ukraine and Russia.