Palestinians gather around a statue of Nelson Mandela after South Africa files a landmark case against Israel at the International Court of Justice, Ramallah, Jan. 10, 2024.
Robin DG Kelley — The UN’s failure to dismantle the colonial order foreclosed the application of the Genocide Convention to Israel, South Africa, and the United States.
Ukraine Palestine interview
Adib Shaheen explains how the struggle for a just future and the support of peoples resisting aggression and repression are the same struggle.
Palestinian solidarity protesters during a large-scale demonstration in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 23, 2023. Photograph by André Chung for Hammer & Hope.
Hadas Thier — Global outrage over Israel’s attacks on Gaza has produced a broad-based mass movement never before witnessed on the question of Palestine.
Iran Israel bomb
Gilbert Achcar — Israel will complete its genocidal war against Gaza for six before directing its military efforts against Iran and Hezbollah.
Lego parliament
Phil Hearse examines the rapidly shifting political landscape that the increasing likelihood of a Starmer-led government is bringing about.
Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the need for an alternative to the individualist logic of modern liberalism and the totalitarian aggressiveness of the new conservatism.
sydney palestine protest
Socialist Alliance condemns Israel and its Western allies, including Australia, for their role in escalating conflict in the Middle East.
Nancy Fraser Michael Probsting Leila Khaled
Leila Khaled, Michael Pröbsting and Nancy Fraser, all of whom have been recently interviewed by LINKS, are facing repression due to their support for Palestine.
geneva lake
Michael Roberts looks at the state of the US and world economy, the reasons for what he calls the Long Depression, and how it is driving political polarization and imperial rivalries.