Kyiv shelling
Vladimir Unkovski-Korica — The threat of endless escalation means we need to press for peace negotiations.
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and US President George W. Bush
Paul Schäfer — The Russian invasion must prompt the Left to re-think its geopolitical assumptions
Boris Kagarlitsky talks about the mood of the Russian people and the possibility that the Russian military leadership might insist on ending the war.
Kurdistan Community of Societies Mustafa Karasu
According to Mustafa Karasu, the AKP-MHP regime is trying to hide the catastrophic reality in the earthquake zones.
Bill Fletcher Jr. convenes Ukrainian historian and social activist Vladyslav Starodubtsev, Syrian-American activist Ramah Kudaimi, and Rafael Bernabel of the Puerto Rican Senate to discuss solidarity with Ukraine from parts of the Global South.
Ukraine war year 1
Fourth International — The first duty of internationalists is to support and solidarize with the resistance of the Ukrainian people in both their direct opposition to this bloody invasion and the self-organization of society.
Walter Baier
Walter Baier addresses the importance of united democratic and socialist forces in struggle against rising fascism, the neoliberal austerity policy as well as the threat of mutual annihilation.
Iran protests
Various Iranian unions, civil organizations and institutions have presented a series of minimum demands as the basis for the foundation of a new, modern and humane Iran.
CPIML congress
A collection of media statements from the CPI(ML) Liberation on the deliberations of its recently held 11th Congress, along with the address to the inaugural session by General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya. 
As Russia's barbaric invasion of Ukraine approaches its one-year anniversary, Fred Leplat writes about the ongoing battle and why Western leftists should continue to support the Ukrainian resistance.
Russian Socialist Movement — On the one-year anniversary of this war, we call all those who yearn for peace to turn out for demonstrations and rallies against Putin’s invasion. Unfortunately, not all the “peace” rallies taking place next weekend will be actions of solidarity with Ukraine. A large part of the left in the West does not understand the nature of this war and advocates compromise with Putinism.
PSM Ukraine
Choo Chon Kai — World opinion is divided on the question of war in Ukraine, and so is the Left internationally. Most people on the political Left are against the war, but differ on many questions related to the war and actions that needed to be taken.