remains of Crocus City Hall
In a new letter to his daughter from Detention Centre No.12 in Zelenograd, Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the fallout of the horrific terrorist attack at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall.
Boris Kagarlitsky trial
Andrea Levy — Renowned Russian sociologist, dissident was jailed on February 13 for five years on trumped-up charges of “justifying terrorism”.
women's empowerment
Kalpana Wilson looks at the ‘war on women’ waged by India’s Hindu supremacist fascism and how this is shaped by the specificities of Hindutva ideology, neoliberal capitalism, and imperialism.
Joseph Daher — Western mainstream media biases and defence of the Israeli narrative are connected to orientalism, racism, and imperialism, serving the interests of Western ruling political and economic elites.
Nicolas Maduro
Steve Ellner lays down the political stakes and US meddling ahead of Venezuela's electoral race.
windy road
Renowned Russian sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky was jailed on February 13 for five years due to his opposition to the war in Ukraine. This is his first public letter since then, sent from Detention Centre No.12 in Zelenograd.
Luís Montenegro
Adriano Campos — Faced with the rise of the far right and a radicalized right government, the left has a dual mission: organise the struggle against the new government and present a credible alternative.
The Finns Party presidential candidate Jussi Halla-aho at his election reception in Helsinki on January 28, 2024.
Tatu Ahponen — The Finnish government was sent into upheaval almost as soon as it was formed over revelations of racist statements by one of the coalition’s main parties – The Finns.
Against Modi
CPI(ML) Liberation — Weaponisation of central agencies and persecution of opposition leaders has become the spearhead of Modi's desperate 2024 drive for a third term.
Jewish whitening
Gilbert Achcar — Jewish assimilation into white members of “Judeo-Christian” society in the aftermath of the Holocaust was reliant on placidly accepting their equation with Zionism and Israel’s racist violence against Arab Muslims.