Starmer Sunak
Phil Hearse analyses recent political developments in Britain, including election setbacks for the Conservatives, turmoil within Labour over the Israel-Palestine conflict and the rise of far-right parties.
Gaza NE Syria
Sarah Glynn — Turkey’s attacks on North and East Syria have not matched the immediate intensity and scale of the lethal violence that Israel has rained down on Gaza, but their intended result and many of their methods are the same.
Imperialism US
Claudio Katz talks about the need to avoid looking at imperialism in purely economic terms, the rise of what he terms an “imperial system” and the complexities of anti-imperialism in the 21st century.
Commons journal
The idea of creating an English-language issue of Commons journal has been discussed for a long time, and it became especially acute in connection with the Russian full-scale invasion and the emerging significant interest in Ukraine among foreign audiences.
Lenin revolution
For those who want to end capitalist rule, much can still be learnt from the October Revolution because its experience critically poses key political questions. The second in this two-part series by Jonathan Strauss seeks to respond to the question: What can it tell us about organising for social change?
Luciana Genro
Statements in defence of Brazilian and Indian socialists facing repression for standing in solidarity with Palestine.
Kurdistan Palestine
Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union — Once again we express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause. The struggle of the peoples against oppression will surely succeed and all mass murderers will be held to account.
William I. Robinson discusses the rise of transnational class exploitation and how contradictions between a globally integrated economy and a nation-state-based system help explain rising US-China tensions.
Russia NATO
Chris Slee — Dave Holmes argues “Russia is most decidedly defending itself from an existential threat from the US-NATO bloc” while approvingly quoting Scott Ritter’s assertions that “NATO is a paper tiger”. So which is it?
bombing Gaza
Gilbert Achcar — In the last few days, Gaza has epitomized the global North-South divide more than any other conflict in contemporary history.
Palestine flag
Kevin B. Anderson — The October 7 attack by Hamas militants from Gaza into Israel, across one of the most closely guarded borders in the world, constitutes nothing less than a global turning point.