map of foreign interventions
Michael Pröbsting — The latest edition of the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ annual Armed Conflict Survey paints a grim picture of the crisis-ridden capitalist world order.
Ana Cristina Carvalhaes — The multiplication of wars and the aggravation of tensions between states and intra-states are only one of the signs of the new historical period of convergence of crises, opened with the crash of 2008.
Malaysia solidarity Palestine
Antoine Larrache & Terry Conway — Israel’s offensive against Gaza has sparked a worldwide revolt unlike any other issue.
Nelson Mandela
Dale T McKinley — The tenth anniversary of Nelson Mandela's death provides a fitting opportunity to assess the legacy of a man whose life was, and remains, a source of fulsome praise and inspiration as well as trenchant criticism.
BDS poster
On December 9th, the day of action for climate justice, Palestinian BDS National Committee is calling on land, indigenous and climate justice movements to raise their voices for Palestine.
Israeli navy
Karen Yamanaka — The Israel-Hamas war has caused further upheaval in a world order already fraught with tension and confrontation.
A year on, that’s still right. London demonstration, November 2022. Photo by Steve Eason
Simon Pirani — Making ecosocialism a reality is a huge, many-sided collective task.
8 hour day
Clifton D' Rozario — The regurgitating of the debate of the length of the working day highlights the capitalist ruling class's relentless effort to take away the eight-hour workday.
Gilbert Achcar — The truth is that the current aggression against Gaza constitutes, in the clearest possible form, a genocidal war that includes mass murder and “ethnic cleansing”.
nine-dash line claim
Au Loong-Yu discusses China’s global status and its implications for peace and solidarity activism.
From the river to the sea
Michael Karadjis — The slogan "From the river to the sea", which as been raised at pro-Palestine demonstrations around the world, has attracted a great deal of ignorant criticism.
planet over profit
The challenge remains to build a people’s climate movement strong enough to challenge the power of fossil fuel capitalism and link up with other social movements to fight for an ecosocialist future.