Don Fitz - With new FBI and Department of Justice attacks expected in early January, a defense, mobilization and information session attracted hundreds of allies of the African People's Socialist Party (APSP).
Ukraine rebuild
Natalia Lomonosova - Ukrainian society must stick together, but neoliberalism will drive it further apart.
Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, progressive Russian media outlet DOXA has taken a consistent position of supporting Ukrainian resistance. Commons spoke to three editors of DOXA.
Belarus Green Party
How has Russia's war on Ukraine been received in Belarus? What organizational methods are Belarusian left-wingers using under conditions of total control? In this report activists from the Belarusian Green party analyse the situation in the country.
Tatiana Py Dutra - The National Executive of the PSOL has defined its position on participation in the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva by voting to not occupy positions in the new administration.
Mick Lynch
Martin Clarke - The current pay battles represent a crucial stage in the attempt by a hard-right government to deal a massive blow to working-class living standards, working conditions and democratic rights.
John Molyneux
Global Ecosocialist Network Steering Committee - We are still in shock and sadness at John Molyneux’s sudden passing. John was the driving force in establishing the Global Ecosocialist Network, and he succeeded in bringing together ecosocialists from around the world in a spirit of genuine collaboration to shares experiences and ideas.
Michael Pröbsting - Russia’s war against Ukraine has had devastating consequences for the country’s economy and society.
Pedro Castillo
Israel Dutra and Thiago Aguiar - It is important to draw attention to what is going on in our neighboring country: a coup, orchestrated by the Fujimorist-dominated parliament, has resulted in the deposition of President Pedro Castillo.
Standing Together
Uri Weltmann - The troubling results of the recent elections to the Knesset (the Israeli parliament), held on November 1, generated interest around the world for their possible repercussions on the situation in the Middle East and the danger they pose to the cause of Palestinian freedom.
Denys Bondar & Zakhar Popovych - Ukrainian socialists must now watch closely so that no one forgets that peace negotiations must be public and only on terms acceptable to Ukrainians. Only in this way can we count on a just and lasting peace.
Duroyan Fertl - Denmark’s radical left party, the Red Green Alliance, is in a spin. At the November 1 general election, it lost a quarter of its support, a third of its seats, and its influence with government.