National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan meets with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, October 2023.

The ‘multipolar world’: A euphemism to support multiple imperialisms

Frederick Thon Ángeles, Manuel Rodríguez Banchs and Jorge Lefevre Tavárez put forward 18 ideas about the new world order, the dangers of rising inter-imperial conflict, and the need to build an independent pole anchored in the international working class.

The Global South has become the focus of inter-imperialist rivalry

Michael Pröbsting — We have entered a historic period where several imperialist Great Powers are rivalling for hegemony. This development is accelerating global instability, wars and economic crisis.
Malaysia solidarity Palestine

Building international solidarity with the Palestinians

Antoine Larrache & Terry Conway — Israel’s offensive against Gaza has sparked a worldwide revolt unlike any other issue.
China Korea US

Youngsu Won (South Korea): ‘US-China tensions have erased any space for struggle’

Youngsu Won discusses how rising tensions between the United States and China impact South Korean politics.
Against the Japanese-Australian air drills Komatsu Air Base, August 23

Akira Kato, Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction): ‘The government is taking advantage of Russia’s invasion to convert Japan into a big military power’

Akira Kato discusses rising US-China tensions in the Asia-Pacific, Japan’s attempts to transform itself into a regional military power, the conflicts over Ukraine and Taiwan and building mass anti-war struggles today.
Japan Self Defence Forces

Kimitoshi Morihara (Japanese Communist Party): ‘Indo-Pacific must be a region of dialogue and cooperation, not rivalry’

Japanese Communist Party's Kimitoshi Morihara discusses US-China tensions, Japan’s shifting post-war security policy, the party's position on Ukraine and Taiwan, and possible peace initiatives for the region.
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(Dossier) The US SWP and the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937- 1945) — On US intervention and material aid to China

Like in the case of the present war, where the United States is intervening as an “ally” of Ukraine, in the Second Sino-Japanese War the United States entered the war in 1941, becoming the imperialist “ally” of China and started sending direct material aid to China in its war of national liberation against Japan. At the time, a debate emerged between the Socialist Workers Party and the Fourth International on the one hand, and the Workers’ Party on the other.
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Europe and Japan: A call for independent imperialism – On an interesting article by a former editor of 'The Economist'

Michael Pröbsting - Several events in the past few years have provoked profound instability in relations between the imperialist Great Powers. It is therefore not surprising that ideologists and strategic thinkers of the ruling class are working hard to elaborate analyses and perspectives on how their respective Great Power can best respond to the challenges of the current period.
Shinzo Abe

When the chickens came home to roost: Behind the assassination of Shinzo Abe

“The political meaning of Abe’s death, the consequences, I no longer have the luxury of thinking about” ― Final line in a letter the killer sent to a journalist the day before the incident.