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Clifton D’Rozario (CPIML Liberation, India): ‘Modi’s Hindu supremacist and pro-US foreign policy have greatly set back regional cooperation’

Clifton D’Rozario discusses Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role as a global far right leader and the impact of US-China tensions on South Asian politics and struggles.
Kenyatta Ngusilo (C), a member of the Ogiek community, watches as his storehouse burns in Sasimwani Mau Forest, 2023. Hundreds of Ogiek people were left homeless after the Kenyan government evicted alleged encroachers.

Laundering carbon — The Gulf’s ‘new scramble for Africa’

Adam Hanieh — As the world’s largest exporters of crude oil and liquified natural gas, the Gulf states are reconfiguring their relationships with Africa via carbon offset projects, a shift that will have significant consequences for the trajectories of our warming planet.

Following a crushing defeat, is the ANC-DA coalition a stabilising or aggravating factor in South Africa’s social and political crisis?

Mazibuko Jara and Gunnett Kaaf look at the implications of South Africa’s new coalition government for the African National Congress-South African Communist Party-Confederation of South African Trade Union Alliance, and for the broader polity.
Lenin mural

Paul Le Blanc: What would Lenin do today?

Paul Le Blanc asks: is it possible for us to make use of Lenin’s ideas 100 years after his death, and if so — how?
Bangladesh protests

Bangladesh: The defiance continues (plus statements from South Asian left)

Omer Abdullah Khan — Students across Bangladesh are grieving, but their anger and grief is fueling a heroic movement of resistance and defiance.

Rebecca Meckelburg: Suharto’s lingering shadow — Prospects for human rights and democracy in Indonesia and West Papua after Prabowo’s election

Rebecca Meckelburg assesses the political and human rights situation in Indonesia and West Papua in light of Prabowo Subianto’s recent election.
White Paper movement China

The beginning of the end of China’s rise? An interview with Au Loong-Yu

Au Loong-Yu discusses the factors that fueled China’s phenomenal economic rise, how they have begun to exhaust themselves, and the significance of the White Paper movement, which he argues heralds a new period in Chinese politics.

Foreign direct investment: The opium for development

Dmitry Pozhidaev — If religion is the opium of the people, FDI is the opium of development: it creates an appearance of development while undermining and restricting development opportunities.
Child in Gaza

Gilbert Achcar: On the murder of children and the return of genocide to banality

Gilbert Achcar — It is one of the cruel ironies of history that those who claim to speak on behalf of the victims of Nazi genocide are the perpetrators of the most horrific campaign of extermination in the history of contemporary settler colonialism.
destruction in Gaza

An unending genocide in Gaza: Interview with Toufic Haddad

Toufic Haddad speaks about the history and political economy behind the genocide — from Hamas’ October 7 attack to Israel’s strategic objectives in its repeated wars on Gaza, to the failures of the Oslo framework.
Trump Biden

The United States hurtles toward political crisis: Assassination attempt emboldens Trump, further immobilizes Democrats

Ashley Smith analyzes the impact of the attempted assassination of Donald Trump on the deepening political crisis in the US and the ever growing weakness of the Joe Biden campaign.
New Popular Front

The French left after the parliamentary elections: A new beginning or a return to the past?

Roger Martelli — It is to the credit of all components of the French left, without exception, that it did everything possible to defeat the far right. But it should not draw the conclusion that it now holds all the cards.