russia central asia
Renfrey Clarke — If Russia is to be described as practising “sub-imperialism” with relation to Central Asia and Ukraine, this will have to emerge from a more detailed study of Russian dealings over the years with the parts of the world concerned.
Ardern and Hipkins
Elliot Crossan — For the Prime Minister to choose this moment to rule out both a wealth tax and a capital gains tax is a disgrace. Labour cannot claim to be the party of the working class while siding so clearly and openly with the wealthy few.
South African womens protest
Amandla! Collective — Where is the Left? The Left exists. It is present in many of today’s struggles. But over time it has become quite marginal and isolated. A rebirth of the Left needs to start with coming to terms with this reality.
Jeyakumar Devaraj — With state elections just around the corner, this is a good time to delineate the main features of the new political culture that the Socialist Party of Malaysia is trying to promote.
ILO’s Global Wage Report
Michael Pröbsting — The latest edition of the ILO’s Global Wage Report contains a number of interesting figures which demonstrate how the bosses are offloading the consequences of the capitalist crisis on the shoulders of the working class.
Donald Trump
Sam Williams — The economic contradictions of the capitalist system are coming to a head.
Boris Kagarlitsky
A continuously updated collection of statements from Russia and around the world in solidarity with Russian Marxist and anti-war activist Boris Kagarlitsky, currently being held in a Russian pre-trial detention centre and facing the possibility of up to seven years’ jail if found guilty of the trumped-up charge of “justifying terrorism”.
Phillipines between China and US
Sonny Melencio discusses the current state of global imperialism, the looming threat of a US-China war and what approach the left should take to regional peace, security and anti-imperialist solidarity.
False narrative
Dipankar Bhattacharya — Far developing India into a stronger democracy and powerful voice for global justice, peace and planetary survival, the Modi government is pushing India into a state of strategic dependence on the US and its western allies.
Joey Ayoub
Joey Ayoub shares his optics on how anti-imperialist international solidarity is possible, explains the context of struggles of people from his region why it is important to support Ukraine, despite the contradictory civilisational approach of Ukrainian leaders.
Demonstration in London in April. Photo from Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire
Simon Pirani — Although the disruption to oil and gas markets is real enough, this “energy crisis” is also in some respects a mirage that serves corporate power.
Chavez socialism
In a hypothetical therapy session, Andreína Chávez looks at how the Venezuelan government could deal with traumatic events and focus on the path forward.