Alina Bárbara López
In Cuba you can be on the left while criticizing the government and the system. This is the position — complex, articulated and not always understood in the polarized Cuban political context — that Cuban intellectual Alina Bárbara López Hernández laid out in an interview.
Russian rubles
Michael Pröbsting — Since Kyiv is hardly in a position to pay for reconstruction and arms purchases, Western governments would like to cover their costs with Russian money. At the same time, efforts to identify and freeze sanctioned Russian oligarch money are also going slowly and so far, only a total of $22 billion has been identified. How can this be explained?
Robert Stark — The parliamentary elections in Finland were expected to be decided by a razor thin margin, and the results did not disappoint.
Ukraine protest
Daria Krivonos — The move to build solidarities and to seek connections between postsocialism and postcolonialism, Europe’s East and the “Global South”, has been unidirectional and has predominantly, if not exclusively, come from those located in the East of Europe.
Palestine Ukraine flag
David Finkel — For the international left, the Ukraine war and Palestine catastrophe, both on their own and together, pose very big tests of theory and more importantly, of politics.
Commons Ukraine Global South
Chelsea Ngoc Minh Nguyen — Ukraine’s civilizational and exclusionary approach has been self-constraining, self-defeating and even half-hearted in genuity when it comes to achieving a more respectable and broader appeal, support, and a sense of a shared struggle in many countries of the global south.
Laura Kofod — Denmark’s new centre-right “grand coalition” government is historic in its composition, and – in its brief existence – has already come down clearly on the side of the upper-class.
Karl Marx statue
Interview with John Bellamy Foster — Our hope is that, as people mobilize against the environmental conditions produced by the present social system that increasingly threatens their lives, they will also be animated to protect the earth as a home for humanity, carrying out a worldwide ecological and social revolution
Tayip Temel
Ali Barış interviewed HDP Deputy Co-Chair Tayip Temel on the upcoming elections, how the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will campaign with the Green Left Party and possible political developments.
Besê Hozat — Everyone agrees on the fact that these elections are one of the most important elections in the history of the republic. Expanding and supporting the Labour and Freedom alliance is of historic importance for Turkey’s democracy.
Railroad Germany
Karel Ludenhoff — The increased willingness to strike in both the public and private sectors is not surprising given that an enormous wage theft is taking place in Germany. Yet we can observe elements in these trade-union-led actions that go beyond the merely economic sphere, especially in the common ground concerning union and climate struggles.