UAW Free Palestine
Neal Meyer discusses the impact of the Gaza war on US politics, the recent rise in labour activism, and the current state of the Democratic Socialists of America.
Iran Pakistan Balochistan
Farooq Tariq — Following a Pakistani air force strike on an Iranian border town and an Iranian missile attack on a border town in Balochistan, Pakistan and Iran have agreed to de-escalate the war threat and reestablish full-fledged diplomatic relations.
Canada South Africa
The Socialist Project joins a growing chorus of organizations and individuals supporting the South African case and calling on the Canadian government to do the same.
war in middle east
Joseph Daher — Faced with the violence of the Israeli occupying army and supported by its Western imperialist allies, the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon the face the growing risks of a more deadly regional conflagration.
Richard Haass
Michael Pröbsting — In a recent WSJ interview, US foreign policy guru Richard Haass offered a disillusioned prospect for the imperialist world order in general and for the US’s role as a global hegemon in particular.
Russian imperialism
Ilya Budraitskis — To accomplish his war aim’s, Putin regime is trying to stabilize Russian society, stoke political conflict within NATO countries, legitimate his rule through the presidential election in March and mobilize troops for a new offensive in the spring.
Boris Nadezhdin
Boris Kagarlitsky — Nadezhdin’s campaign represents a significant political challenge: if not for the system, then at least for its conservative faction. We will know in the very near future how serious this challenge will be.
Putin tanks
Volodymyr Ishchenko, Ilya Matveev & Oleg Zhuravlev look at how the transformation of the Russian economy and society in response to the challenges posed by the invasion of Ukraine have affected popular support for the war.
CPIML appeal
With only a few weeks left of the decisive 2024 general elections, CPI(ML) Liberation has launched a countrywide Jan Sankalp Abhiyan (Mass Pledge Campaign) with an appeal to “We, the People of India”.
Ayodhya- When a Temple in Ram's Name Becomes a Modi Monument to Advance the RSS Agenda
Dipankar Bhattacharya — The signs of the emerging order are becoming crystal clear with every passing day.
Paul Le Blanc and Helen Scott look at the relevance of Rosa Luxemburg’s ideas for transforming a world in crisis today.