Karl Marx statue
Interview with John Bellamy Foster — Our hope is that, as people mobilize against the environmental conditions produced by the present social system that increasingly threatens their lives, they will also be animated to protect the earth as a home for humanity, carrying out a worldwide ecological and social revolution
Tayip Temel
Ali Barış interviewed HDP Deputy Co-Chair Tayip Temel on the upcoming elections, how the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will campaign with the Green Left Party and possible political developments.
Besê Hozat — Everyone agrees on the fact that these elections are one of the most important elections in the history of the republic. Expanding and supporting the Labour and Freedom alliance is of historic importance for Turkey’s democracy.
Railroad Germany
Karel Ludenhoff — The increased willingness to strike in both the public and private sectors is not surprising given that an enormous wage theft is taking place in Germany. Yet we can observe elements in these trade-union-led actions that go beyond the merely economic sphere, especially in the common ground concerning union and climate struggles.
Farooq Tariq
Farooq Tariq — Pakistan is facing one of its worst economic and political crises at present. The political crisis is best manifested by the fact that almost half the National Assembly (Lower House of the parliament) members have resigned.
Adani Modi
Arindam Sen — The Modi government must name and punish the criminals behind the Adani scam.
Sam Wainwright — The CPI(ML)’s work and experience can offer inspiration to the left outside India. From the patient and determined base building in Bihar, the party has burst on to the national stage as the most dynamic communist party across the Hindi Belt.
Dave Holmes — We live in a world where capitalism is near universal. However, it’s not just capitalism but capitalism in its imperialist stage. If we don’t understand what this is (and what it is not), we can’t understand anything about the politics of Australia and the world today.
US military aid
Michael Pröbsting — Politicians of Western governments never tire of asserting that aid from the US and EU for Ukraine is “unprecedented”.
Victor Yeimo
The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) would like to voice our concerns regarding the act of the Indonesian government to criminalize Victor Yeimo and other political activists.
Graves in Ukraine
Boris Kagarlitsky offers a courageous and politically indispensable take on the Russia-Ukraine war.