national question (Ukraine)

Denys Pilash — On March 11th 2023 our friend and comrade of Commons, known political economist, political scientist, labour movement historian and an activist of left-wing movements and solidarity with Ukraine, Marco Bojcun, passed away.
Marko Bojcun — This article explores the origins of the Ukrainian crisis in several historical developments that came together in 2014.
Nate Moore explains why U.S. based socialists should not be opposing arms to Ukraine despite the inter-imperialist dynamics unleashed by the Russian invasion.
Richard Fidler - Historical analogies can indeed be useful in assessing the issues posed in contemporary events, provided of course that careful attention is paid to the particular circumstances and to what degree the differing situations and protagonists are comparable.
Peter Birke interviews Karmína collective - How have social-economic conditions in Ukraine developed since the 1990s? What role has the labor movement played? How and with what goals have labor struggles been wagered? And what is currently changing as a result of the war?

US Secretary of State John Kerry with Russia's President Vladimir Putin

Residents of "October" district of Donetsk city hard hit by Ukraine army shelli

Ukraines' President Petro Poroshenko (second from left) greets US Secretary of State John Kerry.

An unguided Ukrainian government Grad rocket hit the house of V