Boris Kagarlitsky

Kirill Medvedev on opposition leader Alexei Navalny's death in prison, the recent jailing of high-profile anti-war socialist Boris Kagarlitsky and how the international left can campaign against President Vladimir Putin’s repressive regime.
Suzi Weissman — Boris Kagarlitsky, the Marxist critic and thorn in the side of Putin’s regime, is now in their hands, and international solidarity is required.
The following statements have been issued by the Russian Socialist Movement in the wake of the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in prison and the jailing of socialist dissident Boris Kagarlitsky.
Boris Kagarlitsky — Nadezhdin’s campaign represents a significant political challenge: if not for the system, then at least for its conservative faction. We will know in the very near future how serious this challenge will be.
Interview with Boris Kagarlitsky, Russian sociologist, left-wing activist and a critic of Putin's intervention in Ukraine, on being freed after four months in jail on the unproven charge of "justifying of terrorism".
Paul Le Blanc — Consistent partisans of actual democracy insist that people have the right to shape their own future. This includes the right to struggle for self-determination.
Chris Slee — "Ukraine Resists!: Left Voices on Putin’s War, NATO and the Future of Ukraine" is a compilation of interviews with socialists from Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere.
Andriy Movchan — Boris Kagarlitsky's arrest has provoked a heated debate about solidarity – and whether Kagarlitsky deserves it, given his previous statements on Ukraine.
A continuously updated collection of statements from Russia and around the world in solidarity with Russian Marxist and anti-war activist Boris Kagarlitsky, currently being held in a Russian pre-trial detention centre and facing the possibility of up to seven years’ jail if found guilty of the trumped-up charge of “justifying terrorism”.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is having profound repercussions for the international system and the global economy. In this conversation, Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the implications of the war on the Russian economy, its financial sector, and the Russian elite. Furthermore, he nalyzes the ongoing crisis of globalization, in particular Western sanctions, rising commodity prices, and the current role of China.
The war between Russia and Ukraine has not only destroyed the lives of many thousands in both states, but also dealt a heavy blow to left and left-liberal political discourse in the West. Over the course of many years, ideological clichés have developed and worked successfully, allowing a more or less predictable response to any conflict and crisis in the modern world. We knew for sure that the main source of problems is the policy of the conservative elites of the West, aimed at oppressing the peoples of the global South.
“Stupidity or treason?” asked State Duma deputy Pavel Milyukov in 1916, when the imperial Russian army was in the midst of retreat under the onslaught of the Germans, surrendering city after city along the western borders. A little over a hundred years later, we hear exactly the same exclamations from domestic patriots, complaining that either some secret enemies or incompetent individuals - who have somehow risen to the highest echelons of power - are alone responsible for defeat in the war with Ukraine.