John Bellamy Foster — The word degrowth stands for a family of political-economic approaches that, in the face of today’s accelerating planetary ecological crisis, reject unlimited, exponential economic growth as the definition of human progress.
OTA Chair Joan Kuyek and Alderman John Sewell at panel on Tenant Control, Toronto.
Richard Fidler — How Ontario tenants fought for legal security of tenure, and won.
David Broder — Figures like Italy’s Giorgia Meloni threaten to establish a new normal in European politics.
El Sisi
Hossam el-Hamalawy — The ten years since the coup have witnessed unprecedented repression and censorship
solidarity with Ukraine
The Nordic Green Left is a cooperation platform for Nordic left-wing parties. The network adopted this statement in support of Ukraine in Malmö on June 9.
Ilya Matveev discusses the recent armed rebellion led by Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, what it tells us about the realities of Putin’s regime and its possible impacts on the war in Ukraine.
Ukraine cover cropped
Michael Pröbsting — Resistance Books, an Australian based non-profit, progressive book publisher, has published a new book dealing with the Ukraine War: the single most important event in the current conjuncture of world politics.
climate global south
Farooq Tariq — Ecosocialism offers a vision that transcends the false dichotomy between ecological sustainability and social justice. It recognizes that the climate crisis cannot be overcome without addressing the underlying structures of power and inequality.
class struggle south east asia
Sonny Melencio — While we fight for climate justice, we are fighting the imminent threat of war in our region. To counter all these, we need to build broad and strong solidarity with movements around the world to stop the annihilation of humankind and all living things.
Saito books
Rafael Bernabe — Kohei Saito has become an important voice in the debates about Marxism and ecosocialism.
Hugo Blanco
Latin America sows a great soul, who defended the rights of the peasantry, indigenous peoples and Mother Earth, founded the National Agrarian Confederation (CNA) and made the long-awaited Agrarian Reform in Peru a reality.
White House
Max Elbaum — An authoritarian bloc with a fascist core is driving for control of all branches of the federal government; the rest is detail