The Global South has become the focus of inter-imperialist rivalry

Michael Pröbsting — We have entered a historic period where several imperialist Great Powers are rivalling for hegemony. This development is accelerating global instability, wars and economic crisis.
hot worker

Capitalism, climate change and workers’ health: Notes on a research agenda

Raju J Das — Building on Friedrich Engels, this article introduces the concept of “eco-social murder” to explore the ways in which the ecological character of capitalism is killing and harming workers.
Palestine BDS supporting students

Palestinian BDS National Committee: Supporting the student-led solidarity mobilizations in their demands for boycott and divestment and against repression

Palestinians in Palestine and in exile are deeply grateful to the thousands of students who are building an unprecedented mass movement on US, European, Latin American, Australian and other campuses in solidarity with Palestinian liberation.
Frederikke Hellemann

Frederikke Hellemann (Red-Green Alliance, Denmark): ‘What we have tried to do is to go back to our roots’

Red-Green Alliance candidate Frederikke Hellemann on the challenges facing the Danish Left in 2024.
Rede von PTB-Präsident Raoul Hedebouw am 1. Mai 2024 in Brüssel, Belgien.

The inexorable rise of the Belgian Workers’ Party

Nico Biver — Can Europe’s last insurgent left-wing force maintain its momentum after this super election year?

Justice for Ukrainian workers! Appeal to political representatives of the people of Europe and the world

On the eve of the European Parliament elections, trade union activists in Kryvyi Rih appeal to candidates and remind politicians that it is wage earners who bear the brunt of the war against the aggressor.

Ukrainians and Palestinians are fighting occupation

Terrell Starr speaks with Rita Adel and Vladyslav Starodubtsev about why they feel it is important for Ukrainians to understand colonialism in other parts of the world.
Marx et al

From the genocide in Palestine and Ukraine to the fascist threat: Working toward a revolutionary, Marxist-Humanist response

Today’s global capitalism is sinking into unimaginable levels of barbarism. Nowhere is this barbarism more glaring than in Israel’s genocide in Gaza
United States: Political repression backfires as pro-Palestinian campus protests grow

United States: Political repression backfires as pro-Palestinian campus protests grow (plus: Open letter from US Students for Justice in Palestine to universities)

Sharon Smith — There is nothing like a war to expose the brutality of imperialism, and a massive anti-imperialist movement has returned to U.S. campuses, after decades of absence.
Palestinian flags at the encampment at Columbia University. (Pamela Drew)

United States: Crack lines in the Democratic Party — The battle at Columbia University as a mirror of the battle among Democrats

Neal Meyer — It’s too soon to draw up a full balance sheet of the students’ encampments but one part of the story is clear: the fault lines in the Democratic Party’s coalition are growing bigger.
Israel Iran

The Iran-Israel shadow war and its role in the broader Mideast conflict

Argiris Malapanis & Geoff Mirelowitz — Recent developments in the shadow war between Israel and Iran have shed light on Tehran’s “support” for the Palestinian liberation struggle.
All eyes on Rafah

Partido Lakas ng Masa (The Philippines): Defend Rafah! End the siege on Gaza now! Stop Israel’s fascist and genocidal invasion!

Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) condemns in the strongest terms the recent wave of bombings of Rafah by the settler-colonial and fascistic Zionist project of Israel.