India Palestine
Akash Bhattacharya — India has historically identified with the anti-imperial and decolonial cause of Palestine. However, ties have grown by leaps and bounds, especially under Modi and Netanyahu.
Biden and Netanyahu
Oliver Eagleton — Since the Al-Aqsa Flood on 7 October and the ensuing assault on Gaza, the Biden administration has performed what is euphemistically described as a ‘balancing act’.
Afghan refugees
We, the undersigned concerned individuals, scholars, policy-makers, activists, and organisations reject the government of Pakistan’s deportation plans and stand in solidarity with Afghans in Pakistan – and elsewhere.
Socialism 2023
Socialism International is a biannual conference organized by Parti Sosialis Malaysia
Ukrainian letter of solidarity with Palestinian people
We, Ukrainian researchers, artists, political and labour activists, members of civil society stand in solidarity with people of Palestine who for 75 years have been subjected and resisted Israeli military occupation, separation, settler colonial violence, ethnic cleansing, land dispossession and apartheid.
Malalai Joya
In 2021, Malalai Joya, under threat from the re-imposed Taliban regime, was forced to leave Afghanistan and live in exile. In this wide-ranging interview, she discusses the background to the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the shape of resistance today.
Women poland
Szymon Martys — Poland held elections on October 15 that ended the eight-year, two-term rule of the incumbent Law and Justice party and the United Right political alliance centred on it.
Palestine land loss
Don Fitz argues that there is a strong connection between the criminal occupation of Palestine and the LandBack movement.
Palestine protest
Fourth International — The wars we are facing are linked to the global crisis of capitalism and the resulting headlong rush into conflict between rival imperialist powers.
Sam Gindin — The go-to crises of the socialist left have been “American declinism” and “inter-imperial rivalry.” These crises have not only been predicted by the left but often wished for. This is both bad analysis and worse politics.
Charlie 1
Charlie Post reviews the three main radical and Marxian theories — under-consumption, profit squeeze, and the falling rate of profit — to determine their theoretical consistency, factual accuracy and political implications.
Gilbert Achcar — A ground invasion appears imminent, but what is the political endgame?