Nuevo Peru
Federico Fuentes — Peru’s right-wing controlled Congress blocked a third motion to bring forward national elections on February 2, despite de facto president Dina Boluarte — under pressure from a nationwide rebellion — requesting elections be held this year. This same Congress installed Boluarte as president on December 7, after MPs impeached elected president Pedro Castillo in a move many described as a “legislative coup”. 
Scholtz Putin
What can energy ties between Germany and Russia tell us about the approach of Europe’s largest country towards Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. And how should ecosocialists approach the interrelated issues of climate, war, gas prices and international solidarity? Federico Fuentes discussed these issues with Christian Zeller.
Given that the immanent drive and constant tendency of capital is to atomize the working class, what are the effects of this tendency? For the atomized worker, all other workers are competitors; all other workers are enemies in so far as they are competing for the same jobs. All other workers potentially stand between them and the satisfaction of their needs.
Peoples' Democratic Party — We would like to invite the international community and foreign missions in Turkey to observe the 21st hearing of the Kobanî case on 7-9 February 2023 in Sincan Prison Campus, Ankara.
Iulii Martov
Paul Kellogg — To students of twentieth-century Russian history, the name Vladimir Il’ich Lenin is a constant, and inevitable, presence. But the name Iulii Osipovich Tsederbaum—better known through the pseudonym “Iulii Martov”—is either entirely absent from view or present only as a mysterious, and often unsavoury, figure.
CPIML international
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation — Today, we stand at a critical moment in history. Fascism is on the rise globally with the consolidation of fascist regimes in a number of countries across the world accompanied by intense resistance movements, some of which, like the struggle against the Bolsonaro regime in Brazil, have been successful.
CPIML environment
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation — We are currently living amidst a global environmental and climate crisis as experienced in the form of increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, global warming and several other consequences.
CPIML national situation
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation — We are currently passing through a period of intensified assault on the constitutional foundation of parliamentary democracy and on the livelihood and rights of the Indian people, accompanied by unmitigated corporate plunder of India’s natural resources.
Iran protests

Since the murder of Jina-Mahsa Amini on September 16 by the morality police, a popular uprising unprecedented in its scope, depth and duration has shaken the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Howie Hawkins, a retired Teamsters union warehouse worker, former US Green Party presidential candidate and ecosocialist, discusses the formation of the Ukraine Solidarity Network (US) and the challenges of building solidarity with Ukraine while opposing US imperialism.
ukraine aid
John Carl Baker — Ukraine aid, like the war itself, is a point of contention on the international left. Supporters see aid as essential for Ukraine’s defense against an imperialist invader. Skeptics regard it as a giveaway to the war industry at best, a fig leaf for the US empire at worst. The dilemma is that both sides have a point.
Sherman tanks
Like in the case of the present war, where the United States is intervening as an “ally” of Ukraine, in the Second Sino-Japanese War the United States entered the war in 1941, becoming the imperialist “ally” of China and started sending direct material aid to China in its war of national liberation against Japan. At the time, a debate emerged between the Socialist Workers Party and the Fourth International on the one hand, and the Workers’ Party on the other.