Reinaldo column
Reinaldo Iturriza looks at the realignment of forces following the Barbados agreement and the lack of representation of the disaffiliated popular masses in Venezuela.
Dutch election billboard
Alex de Jong — That the right-wing won the recent Dutch elections was no surprise. What was surprising was how decisive the share of the far-right was in the overall right-wing victory.
Supporters and activists of what was then called the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) hold a mass rally, 1 May 2010.
Khagendra Prasai — Ostensibly Communist parties govern the Himalayan republic, but socialism remains a long way off.
bombing of Gaza
Statements by New Bloom (Taiwan), Jamhoor (Pakistan), the Socialist Party of Malaysia, Partido Lakas ng Masa (the Philippines), the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, the Japanese Communist Party, the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction), a collective of anonymous Tibetans and Hongkongers, and a group of Revolutionary Communists in China.
PSM Choo Chon Kai
Choo Chon Kai outlines his views on rising US-China tensions, the struggle for peace in Southeast Asia and challenges for building solidarity amid an increasingly multipolar world.
Palestine banner
Left and progressive Middle Eastern and Australian organisations have released a statement supporting the right of the Palestinian people to resist ongoing dispossession, occupation and oppression by the settler colonial state of Israel.
Boycott Israel
In response to the genocidal war being waged on the people of Palestine, La Via Campesina reiterates its steadfast solidarity with the peasants, fisherfolk and working families of Palestine.
Palestine Ukraine flag
Leftists in Ukraine are insisting on the urgent need to build solidarity without exception among oppressed peoples.
Rohini Hensman — On October 7, Hamas committed a war crime when in its attack on Israel, hundreds of civilians were killed, but since 1948 the scale of the crimes against the Palestinians repeatedly committed by Israel are many times larger. What can ensure peace in Palestine?
migrant workers NZ
Mike Treen — Working people must fight for a country where full employment and generous welfare systems for the unemployed are important protections for workers.
Now The People
The Left Bloc, France Unbowed, Podemos, Sweden's Left Party, Finland's Left Alliance and Red Green Alliance take a joint stand in defense of solidarity, the climate, justice and peace.
German revolution
Sean Larson takes a look at the German Revolution on its centenary.