Standing Together rally
Uri Weltmann discusses about Standing Together have responded to Netanyahu’s latest war on Gaza and rising anti-Arab racism within Israel, as well as what current events mean in terms of prospects for lasting peace.
BRICS summit Johansberg
Patrick Bond discusses modern-day multilateral networks of imperial power, the role BRICS countries play within this framework, and the need to incorporate the concept of "unequal ecological exchange" to our analyse of imperialism.
kids in Gaza
Gilbert Achcar — It now seems probable that, by the end of this year 2023, the Zionist state will change the course of the war that it launched against the Gaza Strip and move to a new phase.
Kissinger and friends
Kevin Anderson looks back at Kissinger’s opening to China as a counter-revolutionary move, as seen in Raya Dunayevskaya’s writings at the time.
al-Jaber COP28
Patrick Bond & Desmond D’Sa — The crucial point for the host-country president and his supporters in Western, BRICS+ and OPEC countries was to not concede the need to “phase out“ gas, oil and coal.
October Song Paul Le Blanc
Paul Le Blanc — For those wanting to make use of Marxism to understand and change the world, among the most important classical thinkers are, surely, Rosa Luxemburg and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
Lenin book Le Blanc
Paul Le Blanc — The process of testing different perspectives and learning from actual struggles will be necessary on the way to creating a revolutionary party worthy of the name.
Israel bombing
Michael Pröbsting — Recent votes in the UN General Assembly have demonstrated that never before has the US been so isolated on a crucial issue of world politics. The shift in public opinion is particularly strong in the Arab world.
MES conference
Bruno Magalhâes & Israel Dutra — The conference represented a new milestone for the Socialist Left Movement amid Brazil’s current challenges.
wind farm
Dario Azzellini — The radical transformation of production and consumption patterns alone will not lead to the required social and ecological transition. Employment and the labor markets are changing and we have to make sure that work itself becomes sustainable in all its aspects.
Farooq Tariq & Zaighum Abbas — The final agreement is termed by international media as a “historic accord on the transition away from fossil fuels.” However, the reality is far from it.
Demonstration demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, Tel Aviv, 18 November 2023. All photos by Matan Kaminer.
Matan Kaminer outlines how the left in Israel has unequivocally and vocally denounced the crimes committed by Hamas on October 7 and just as unequivocally opposed the savage war unleashed by Israel in the Gaza Strip.