Michael Lebowitz
Madelaine Moore — 'Beyond Capital' helps us to understand why capitalism continues to persist despite endless crises, by drawing our attention to the messiness of human beings and the multiple circuits that reproduce capitalism as a complex and contradictory totality.
Jina Mehsa Amini
The death of a Kurdish woman, Jina Mehsa Amini, on 16th of September has produced one of the most powerful uprisings in Iran to date. Jina’s murder has sparked an internal dialogue in relation to Iranian identity politics, and resulted in uncomfortable discussions around what ‘Iranian freedom’ entails.
Duran Kalkan
Duran Kalkan, member of the Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council, speaks about the most important developments in 2022, strengths and weaknesses of the different parts of the global democratic forces, likely developments for 2023 and how "the revolution in East Kurdistan and Iran brought a change in mentality and lifestyle."
Nigeria protest
Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) speaks to Nigerian socialist and activist, Alex Batubo, about the elections this month, and the political and economic situation in the country.
Sivarajan Arumugam
Sivarajan Arumugam, Secretary-General of the Socialist Party of Malaysia, spoke with B. Skanthakumar on the general election, the PSM’s participation in that campaign, its assessment of the new government and the PSM’s plans in the months ahead.
Turkey earthquake
Sarah Glynn — When Ertuğrul Kürkçü, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) honorary president, writes about ‘transforming earthquake solidarity into a social movement’, he is not talking about an abstract idea but a political practice. 
Ukraine arms
Nate Moore explains why U.S. based socialists should not be opposing arms to Ukraine despite the inter-imperialist dynamics unleashed by the Russian invasion.
Ukraine Nato flag
Alfons Bech — A united and peaceful Europe starts by supporting the victim of aggression and looking for the best way out of this war. Peace with justice and respect for international law and human rights.
Alternative für Deutschland
Gerd Wiegel — Ten years after its founding, the Alternative für Deutschland shows no sign of moderating its politics.
Michael Pröbsting — One of the key debates among socialists today is the class character of China. This is hardly surprising since China is not only the most populous country on the planet but its rivalry with the U.S. also constitutes a pivot of the world situation.
France pension protest
Léon Crémieux — It is clear that we are heading for a major political and social confrontation in the coming weeks in France.
After a long interval, the 21st century has revived interest and support for Left politics in Pakistan. The Jamhoor team got together with leaders of Pakistan’s three major leftist parties – Aasim Sajjad Akhtar (Awami Workers’ Party), Ammar Ali Jan (Haqooq-e-Khalq Party) and Syed Azeem (Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party) to think through the challenges and opportunities faced by the Left within the current political and economic conjuncture.