Ecosocialism 2024 ad
Federico Fuentes — Ecosocialism 2024, to be held on Australia’s west coast, will be an invaluable opportunity to share experiences with activists from around the Indo-Pacific region and discuss how we can collectively campaign against war and climate catastrophe.
Leila Khaled
Peter Boyle — Leila Khaled is an iconic Palestinian revolutionary activist and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine leader. However, the Western media dubs her “the first woman plane hijacker” and Israel brands her a “terrorist”.
Leila Khaled graffiti
The Australian government, Zionist organisations and right-wing media outlets are campaigning to stop Palestinian revolutionary icon Leila Khaled from addressing Ecosocialism 2024.
Max Chandler-Mather
Max Chandler-Mather talks about the various ways they have sought to reach out, engage in a dialogue with, and organise people around the housing crisis and more broadly.
Marx in the Anthropocene. Towards the Idea of Degrowth communism
Daniel Tanuro — In ‘Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism’, Kohei Saito showed how the mature Marx had broken with productivism. His new book, ‘Marx in the Anthropocene’, continues the reflection.
I International Antifascist Conference
From the initiative of PSOL and PT from Rio Grande do Sul, we call on international anti-fascist movements to open a dialogue that can confront the destruction that is being carried out by the far right.
We will not be silenced
In its current war against the people of Gaza, the Israeli government has chosen to weaponize the issue of sexual violence for political outcome.
First Minister of Northern Ireland Michelle O’Neill and Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald speak at a Foreign Press Association briefing in London, 8 February 2024.
Tommy Greene — With Michelle O’Neill as First Minister of Northern Ireland, a United Ireland could finally be within reach.
Ireland and Ukraine had similar challenges in the period 1916 – 1923. Conor Kostick and Vladyslav Starodubtsev answer questions about the period and compare the experiences of the left in that era.
Boris Kagarlitsky petition
The sham trial of Dr Kagarlitsky is the latest in a wave of brutal repression against the left-wing movements in Russia.
Mikhail Lobanov
Mikhail Lobanov discusses the Just World/Peace campaign that is seeking to disrupt the staged presidential elections taking place in Russia between March 15-17.