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European elections: Who sows far right policies, reaps the far right

Miguel Urbán Crespo — The recent European elections have illustrated how adopting far-right policies can lead to an increase in far-right influence and representation across Europe.

European elections: Far right surge but centre holds on (plus: The European left after the elections)

Dave Kellaway examines the outcome of the European elections, while Johanna Bussemer writes that strong showings in several countries will ensure a left presence in Brussels, but internal contradictions are bigger than ever.
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Extreme rights 2.0: A big global family

Steven Forti — From Spain’s Vox to Argentina’s Javier Milei, the forces of the new far right don’t resurrect historical fascism. But they are the greatest threat to democracy today.
Santiago Abascal and Tucker Carlson

The international alliances of the Spanish far right

Nora Rodríguez & Miquel Ramos — After its poor results in the last general elections in Spain, Vox has embarked on a new international tour in a bid to reassure its partners.
Jorge Costa

Portugal’s Left Bloc: ‘We provide a solid political reference point to the workers and social movements’

In this wide-ranging interview, Jorge Costa of Portugal's Left Bloc covers developments in Portuguese politics under the Socialist Party government, the rise of the far right Chega!, relations with the Portuguese Communist Party, and challenges facing the party as it returns to growth with an influx of a generation of younger activists.

Europe: The far right is here to stay

David Broder — Figures like Italy’s Giorgia Meloni threaten to establish a new normal in European politics.

Spanish state: A ‘pacifism’ that helps Putin

Alfons Bech — Discussions on peace in Ukraine are all very well, they are necessary. We must continue them. But we should know what the Ukrainians are saying.
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Ukraine and the ‘neutrality’ of the anti-NATOists

Alfons Bech — A united and peaceful Europe starts by supporting the victim of aggression and looking for the best way out of this war. Peace with justice and respect for international law and human rights.

Spanish state: Forward Andalusia refounded as home of the Andalusist left

By Dick Nichols

July 21, 2021 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — On June 26, in a theatre with a panoramic view of Granada’s Alhambra, the refoundation congress took place of Forward Andalusia, a political force with the ambition to be “an instrument for the emancipation of the Andalusian people” (words of newly elected spokesperson Teresa Rodríguez). The congress adopted three documents, on political line, feminism and organisation, completing a six-month-long reconstruction of Forward Andalusia as common home of the Andalusist left.

Launched last December by the coalition’s four affiliate organisations — Andalusian Spring (PA), Andalusist Left (IA), Defending Andalusia (DA) and Anticapitalists Andalusia — this process took the form of a “bottom-up” public discussion called “Andalusia Doesn’t Surrender!” Over 2000 participants across the eight provinces of Spain’s southernmost mainland region got involved in the exchange, which took place in 26 local organising centres.