beyond the wall
John Tully — Katya Hoyer is no apologist for the East German regime, but she has written a more objective history of the former state than the German establishment would like.
Germany Ukraine protest
How to position oneself on the war in Ukraine? This question has been dividing the left in Germany for more than a year. A debate between Ingar Solty from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and ak editor Jan Ole Arps on this question.
Ashley Smith describes how Joe Biden’s economic program represents “imperialist Keynesianism” designed to rival China, ameliorate domestic social inequalities, and neutralize challenges from both the Left and the Trumpian right.
Hegel and Marx
Jason Devine — Reading what Lenin wrote about Marx can really only tell us what the former thought about the latter. It is best to refer back to actual sources. In this way we can see that the idea Marx was a Hegelian idealist is pure myth.
The foreign ministers of China, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and India meet for the BRICS Foreign Ministers Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in June 2023.
Patrick Bond — Talk of a “BRICS+” with new members and a “de-dollarization” agenda are raising the profile of this network to an unprecedented — and unrealistic — level.
security workshop
Duroyan Fertl — Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung hosted a workshop to facilitate the exchange of experiences and strategies between left parties grappling with the issue of security policy, particularly in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Mariano Schuster & Pablo Stefanoni — The Argentine primary elections caused a political earthquake, with libertarian Javier Milei taking first place and Peronism coming in third. Never before has the radicalized right won so many votes.
degrowth interview tempest
Paul Fleckenstein interviews Gareth Dale on the politics of degrowth and the critique of the ideology of growth in capitalist society.
PSM MUDA candidates
Darren Ong Chung Lee — Understandably many were skeptical of our election campaign. We were nowhere close to winning, we lost our deposit, and Bersatu ended up gaining our seat. So what exactly did our efforts accomplish?
Arveent Kathirtchelvan — The Socialist Party of Malaysia-Malaysian United Democracy Alliance third force foray in the 2023 state elections failed to garner enough votes for at least one candidate to save their deposit. This was an expected outcome.
CPI(ML) Liberation — The viral video of two Kuki women being paraded naked and sexually assaulted by a mob of Meitei men in Manipur has drawn the attention of the whole world to the complete collapse of the rule of law in Manipur.
Umair Rasheed traces the evolution of one of Pakistan’s most successful textile labour unions through radical action against the united onslaught of state and capital.