Hegel Marx

Ann Robertson — The dialectic is a powerful weapon for revolutionary socialists who seek to understand our surrounding world for the purpose of changing it.

Against normalisation

Michael Pröbsting — Middle Eastern governments denounce Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people in Gaza but refuse to rupture their economic relations with the Zionist state.

Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance logo

Carsten Braband & Mario Candeias provide a preliminary attempt to situate the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance within the German party system.

Pakatan Harapan

Arveent Kathirtchelvan — We should no longer enable liars to lead us, we must throw them away and start anew. We should withdraw all support, funding and campaigning for the big parties and give others a chance, especially those with a proven track record.

Pakistan elections
Farooq Tariq — Pakistan’s February 8 general elections indicated a significant shift in political dynamics. Initial results suggest Pakistan has voted against IMF policies and state repression.
Marcos Jr Duterte

Sonny Melencio — The confrontation between the Marcos Jr and Duterte camp is not just a clash between two powerful political dynasties.

Mariana Riscali

Mariana Riscali looks at the state of Brazil’s far right, as well as the country’s trade unions and social movements, and outlines MES’ views on parliamentary work, ecosocialism and internationalism.


Mariana Riscali discusses PSOL’s relationship with the new Lula government and the tensions this has caused within the party.

Toufic Haddad — For those who are paying attention to the military-political dynamics in Palestine, October 7 was not entirely a surprise.
Oksana Dutchak

An interview with Oksana Dutchak, member of the Commons editorial team, as the two year anniversary of Russia’s invasion approaches.

Turkey Palestine

Masis Kürkçügil explains how Erdoğan’s Turkey is seeking to carve out a path between the Western bloc and the West in order to build a second-rate imperialism. But this is not without difficulty in the context of exacerbated contradictions between the great powers.


Marty Hart-Landsberg — The US government continues to green light the use of fossil fuels, even while voicing support for an international agreement to phase out fossil fuels. What gives? And what can we do about it?