Struggles must not only be a defensive reaction, but build “a new political force, stronger and more popular than what organizations and struggles represent today.”
An interview with Aram Shakkour, leader of the Hungarian Szikra (Spark) Movement, on the resistance to the far-right government in the country
Adriano Campos — Faced with the rise of the far right and a radicalized right government, the left has a dual mission: organise the struggle against the new government and present a credible alternative.
Tatu Ahponen — The Finnish government was sent into upheaval almost as soon as it was formed over revelations of racist statements by one of the coalition’s main parties – The Finns.
Gilbert Achcar — Jewish assimilation into white members of “Judeo-Christian” society in the aftermath of the Holocaust was reliant on placidly accepting their equation with Zionism and Israel’s racist violence against Arab Muslims.
Tommy Greene — With Michelle O’Neill as First Minister of Northern Ireland, a United Ireland could finally be within reach.
Dave Kellaway provides an initial response to the March 10 general election in Portugal, in which the far-right party Chega was the big winner of the night.
David Broder — With ex-Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri running for the Rassemblement National in the EU elections, boundaries between mainstream institutional politics and the far right seem ever more blurred.
Nora Rodríguez & Miquel Ramos — After its poor results in the last general elections in Spain, Vox has embarked on a new international tour in a bid to reassure its partners.
Heinz Bierbaum & Ines Schwerdtner — Can Germany’s only democratic socialist party recover lost momentum after a damaging split?
Russian Socialist Movement — Two years ago, Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This was not a response to any military threat posed by Ukraine or NATO: it was an attempt to subjugate a neighboring country that Putin simply believes should not exist.
Solidarity statements released by the Fourth International, Ukraine Solidarity Network (US), European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine, and left elected representatives on the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.