Áron Rossman-Kiss — In Hungary, a fledging New Left is rebuilding amidst the ruins of Orbánism
The Green Left Party discussed its future at a conference in Ankara under the slogan "With Change to Freedom".
Anticapitalist Resistance — We must build an international ecosocialist movement rooted in the working class to expropriate businesses, end imperialism and transform the economy to prioritise human need within planetary limits.
How to position oneself on the war in Ukraine? This question has been dividing the left in Germany for more than a year. A debate between Ingar Solty from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and ak editor Jan Ole Arps on this question.
Belgian Workers’ Party MEP Marc Botenga on building the Left in- and outside of parliament
Pinja Vuorinen — After only two weeks in power, Finland’s new right-wing coalition faces neo-Nazi scandals and a mounting opposition to its austerian agenda that make it seem increasingly unlikely to last the full four-year election cycle.
Ingrid Wergeland — The first two years of Norway’s Labour Party/Centre Party coalition government have seen the challenges mount up, with debates about solidarity dominating at the international level, while domestic economic inequality has increased.
Murray Smith — The war in Ukraine has cast a harsh light on the radical left in Europe, revealing the best and the worst.
David Broder — Figures like Italy’s Giorgia Meloni threaten to establish a new normal in European politics.
A conversation between Ilya Budraitskis and historian Enzo Traverso about the global rise of post-fascism, Putin’s Russia, and the war in Ukraine.
Michael Pröbsting — Since Kyiv is hardly in a position to pay for reconstruction and arms purchases, Western governments would like to cover their costs with Russian money. At the same time, efforts to identify and freeze sanctioned Russian oligarch money are also going slowly and so far, only a total of $22 billion has been identified. How can this be explained?
Michael Pröbsting - Several events in the past few years have provoked profound instability in relations between the imperialist Great Powers. It is therefore not surprising that ideologists and strategic thinkers of the ruling class are working hard to elaborate analyses and perspectives on how their respective Great Power can best respond to the challenges of the current period.