France Unbowed

New Popular Front

The French left after the parliamentary elections: A new beginning or a return to the past?

Roger Martelli — It is to the credit of all components of the French left, without exception, that it did everything possible to defeat the far right. But it should not draw the conclusion that it now holds all the cards.
Boris Kagarlitsky

‘A “black swan” will inevitably alight’: Boris Kagarlitsky on why the left movement will have to be constructed afresh

From a Russian prison, Boris Kagarlitsky puts forward his views on the rise of the far right and reasons for the left's crisis.
France popular front

France: Popular front pushes back far right (plus statement from New Anticapitalist Party)

Dave Kellaway looks at the results of the second round of the French parliamentary elections.
NFP march

France: Combating the major risk of the far right (plus statements by Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste)

Léon Crémieux — The far right is on the brink of an absolute majority following the first round of early parliamentary elections in France.
New Popular Front France

France: Between fascism and the New Popular Front

Nessim Achouche — French president Emmanuel Macron’s unexpected gamble has unleashed a new, dynamic mobilization on the left.
Europe far right

European elections: Who sows far right policies, reaps the far right

Miguel Urbán Crespo — The recent European elections have illustrated how adopting far-right policies can lead to an increase in far-right influence and representation across Europe.
EU elections transform

After the 2024 European elections: Rightward shift with slight headwinds

Cornelia Hildebrandt — The few successes cannot conceal the continued defensive posture of leftist parties in Europe and the existential crisis faced by individual parties.

European elections: Far right surge but centre holds on (plus: The European left after the elections)

Dave Kellaway examines the outcome of the European elections, while Johanna Bussemer writes that strong showings in several countries will ensure a left presence in Brussels, but internal contradictions are bigger than ever.
EU elections in France

EU elections in France: A test run for 2027?

William Bouchardon — How French voters turn out in the European elections next month could have major domestic implications.
Now The People

Now The People! — United for solidarity, climate, justice and peace

The Left Bloc, France Unbowed, Podemos, Sweden's Left Party, Finland's Left Alliance and Red Green Alliance take a joint stand in defense of solidarity, the climate, justice and peace.
Assa Traoré

France: Anti-police uprising of marginalized youth hurls challenge to the entire social order

Kevin B. Anderson — After a racist police murder, an uprising of France’s marginalized youth has targeted the state apparatus in an unprecedented ways, exposing the race/class faultlines of modern capitalism.