Michael Pröbsting

Michael Pröbsting — Why are imperialist powers so eager to give billions of US Dollars to Egypt’s regime? The answer lies in the nature of dictatorship

Michael Pröbsting — Middle Eastern governments denounce Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people in Gaza but refuse to rupture their economic relations with the Zionist state.

Michael Pröbsting — In a recent WSJ interview, US foreign policy guru Richard Haass offered a disillusioned prospect for the imperialist world order in general and for the US’s role as a global hegemon in particular.
Michael Pröbsting — Recent votes in the UN General Assembly have demonstrated that never before has the US been so isolated on a crucial issue of world politics. The shift in public opinion is particularly strong in the Arab world.
Michael Pröbsting — The latest edition of the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ annual Armed Conflict Survey paints a grim picture of the crisis-ridden capitalist world order.
Michael Pröbsting discusses the important changes that have occurred within the global imperialist system in recent decades and its implications for revolutionary strategy today.
Michael Pröbsting — The expansion of BRICS reflects the rise of Chinese and Russian imperialism at the cost of their Western rivals.
Michael Pröbsting — Some on the left still claim Russia is not an imperialist power (and hence a lesser evil than Western rivals). This is a discussion not just of theoretical interest but also of political importance.
Michael Pröbsting — The latest edition of the ILO’s Global Wage Report contains a number of interesting figures which demonstrate how the bosses are offloading the consequences of the capitalist crisis on the shoulders of the working class.
Michael Pröbsting — Resistance Books, an Australian based non-profit, progressive book publisher, has published a new book dealing with the Ukraine War: the single most important event in the current conjuncture of world politics.
Michael Pröbsting — Many Marxists discuss the advantages and disadvantages of AI primarily from a technical point of view. Such an approach is the result of a theoretical wrong understanding of the relationship between productive forces and the relations of production.
Michael Pröbsting — Many economists are discussing the question of which currency will replace the dollar or, more concretely, if China’s yuan could become the new leading currency. As we recently discussed elsewhere, this question is misleading.