Pakistan: Joint left demonstration against India-Pakistan war drive

By Javed Ahmad

December 20, 2008 -- While the danger of war between India and Pakistan is accelerates, a peace demonstration in Lahore on December 20 demanded no war between the two countries. More than 100 activists of the Labour Party Pakistan and the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP) demanded an end of war fanaticism.

The demonstrators chanted the slogans: "We want peace", "Peace not war, bread not bombs, jobs not bombs", "No to imperialism and no the religious fundamentalism", "Long live the friendship of peoples of Pakistan and India", "Labour against war, people against war". They were holding banners and posters.

Speaking on the occasion, Farooq Tariq, spokesperson Labour Party Pakistan, opposed the policies of Pakistan Peoples Party, which is are siding with imperialism. “We totally oppose the policies of the religious fanatics who are calling for a holly war on the name of Jihad with India. We do not want a war in any case. The Indian and Pakistani ruling classes are acting on the direction of American imperialism, and American imperialism is not creating friendship between the two countries but promoting a war-like situation. However, these countries are partners with the Americans on the so-called war on terror but American imperialism is the one that is promoting terrorism internationally. We must demand the two governments to hold talks independently and without any interference of Americans”, he told the demonstrators.

Ali Jan of CMKP spoke about the state responsibilities in promoting the peace and not war. “We must build a peoples' movement to stop the fanaticism of war. We must fight the religious fundamentalists who are promoting the war-like situation”, Ali Jan said.

The demonstrators were holding red flags and thousands of passers-by saw the unique peace demonstration at a time when most of the people are being told to be ready for war. Several people waved to the demonstrators.

Joint Left Demo for Peace

Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP)
Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP)

Demonstration for Peace

Date: Saturday, December 20

Time: 3.00 pm

Venue: Charing Cross, Lahore

In the aftermath of the horrendous Mumbai terrorist attacks, whose perpetrators must be brought to justice, a whirlwind of jingoism, national chauvinism and bigotry has been propagated by right-wing obscurantist elements of both India and Pakistan. This hate mongering is not only damaging the fragile peace of the region but also bringing it closer to a war between the two neighbouring countries. The media in both countries, which should have acted responsibly for the cause of peace, has also acted as a mere mouthpiece of the right-wing forces, suspending all critical faculties and adding fuel to fire.

It is time for peace-loving people on both sides of the border to stand up against the politics of war and hate in their own countries. The people of India have already held rallies for peace all over the country and condemned the war mongering going on in their country. To compliment their efforts and to raise the slogan of harmony, peace-lovers and progressives in Pakistan have also decided to demonstrate against the forces pushing us towards a disastrous enmity.

We welcome all those who are interested in maintaining harmony in the region to demonstrate with us for peace against the politics of war and hate.

Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP)
Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP)