Arveent Kathirtchelvan — The Socialist Party of Malaysia-Malaysian United Democracy Alliance third force foray in the 2023 state elections failed to garner enough votes for at least one candidate to save their deposit. This was an expected outcome.
CPI(ML) Liberation — The viral video of two Kuki women being paraded naked and sexually assaulted by a mob of Meitei men in Manipur has drawn the attention of the whole world to the complete collapse of the rule of law in Manipur.
Umair Rasheed traces the evolution of one of Pakistan’s most successful textile labour unions through radical action against the united onslaught of state and capital.
Canada Ukraine protest
Richard Fidler — Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine, the prompt mobilization of resistance by Ukrainians, and the quick shift toward public support for NATO in much of Europe, confronted the international Left and progressive forces with some major challenges. The Left in Canada was no exception.
Ukraine city destruction
Rafael Bernabe — There are four reductions that we must avoid when analyzing and reacting to the armed conflict unleashed by the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.
niger coup
A regularly updated collection of statements by African socialists, trade unions and democratic forces on the recent coup in Niger.
south africa protests
Mercia Andrews — This article seeks to respond to the questions: where is the South African Left, what has happened to it, and why has it become so fragmented and marginal?
Marc Botenga, MEP for the Workers' Party of Belgium
Belgian Workers’ Party MEP Marc Botenga on building the Left in- and outside of parliament
Philippines military
Rasti Delizo — The Philippines perpetually aggravates its volatile regional security environment. This breach of international norms betrays the country’s principled duty to uphold a truly independent, non-aligned, peacefully cooperative, and non-belligerent global outlook and stance.
Reinaldo Iturriza looks back at the history of communes and how they are supposed to be more than "appendages" of state institutions.
Palacio Carondelet
Ociel Alí López — With two weeks to go before Ecuador's presidential elections, what obstacles does Correísmo face in defeating its right-wing opponents? Will Luisa González become Ecuador's first elected woman president?
Mike Treen — Inflation is back worldwide, and with it  the blame game. So what is the truth behind the claims and counterclaims being made?