income inequality US Russia

Russia’s delinking from the West: The great equalizer

Dmitry Pozhidaev — In combination with growing state capitalism and the war economy, Russia’s delinking has created additional internal investment opportunities and fiscal space for income redistribution.
Europe far right

European elections: Who sows far right policies, reaps the far right

Miguel Urbán Crespo — The recent European elections have illustrated how adopting far-right policies can lead to an increase in far-right influence and representation across Europe.
EU elections transform

After the 2024 European elections: Rightward shift with slight headwinds

Cornelia Hildebrandt — The few successes cannot conceal the continued defensive posture of leftist parties in Europe and the existential crisis faced by individual parties.

European elections: Far right surge but centre holds on (plus: The European left after the elections)

Dave Kellaway examines the outcome of the European elections, while Johanna Bussemer writes that strong showings in several countries will ensure a left presence in Brussels, but internal contradictions are bigger than ever.
War on the commons

Ian Angus’s ‘The War Against the Commons’: A vital new history of the bloody rise of capitalism

Steve Leigh — Ian Angus's excellent new book covers the violent transition from feudalism to capitalism, demonstrating its relevance to the modern world.
Trump rally

Trumpism, fascism, and political realities in the United States

Paul Le Blanc — Donald Trump represents a kind of politics that has powerfully transformed political realities in the United States, a kind of politics labeled by some as Trumpism.
CPIML on elections

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation: The historic 2024 mandate against the dictatorial Modi regime

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation —Democracy in India received a powerful and much-needed shot in the arm in the 2024 elections.
PLM protest climate

Partido Lakas ng Masa (The Philippines): Enough false climate solutions, it’s time for an ecosocialist alternative!

PLM believes that the path towards a rapid, equitable, and just transition to renewable energy cannot be found in the false solutions promoted by domestic and foreign capitalists from the fossil fuels industry.
Hulu Jelai rare earth mine

Socialist Party of Malaysia: Hulu Jelai rare earth mine project needs scrutiny

Socialist Party of Malaysia Bureau of Environment and Climate Crisis — The lives and livelihood of the Semai Orang Asli Community in Pos Lanai, Kuala Lipis, Pahang are in danger, once again.
Tempest Georgia

Resisting authoritarianism in the Caucasus: Interview with Georgians about their struggle to defend democracy

Ia Eradze, Giorgi Kartvelishvili, Luka Nakhutsrishvili, Tamar Qeburia, and Lela Rekhviashvili answer questions about the roots, nature, and trajectory of the country’s social movements and the future of Georgia.
Ukraine peace

Ukraine: A people’s peace, not an imperial peace

Joint declaration by ecosocialist, anarchist, feminist, environmental organisations, and groups in solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance and for a self-determined social and ecological reconstruction of Ukraine
Netanyahu concerned

Gilbert Achcar: Truce in Gaza and the dilemmas faced by Netanyahu and Hamas

Gilbert Achcar — News related to the genocidal war in the Gaza Strip have been overshadowed by the truce project that Biden attributed to “Israel” without specifying which Israeli governing body had approved it.