Construction workers in Marbella, Spain. Photo by Chris Gold. Used under CC license 2.0.

Green class struggle: Workers and the Just Transition

Gareth Dale — A resilient history of workers’ initiatives overcoming redundancies, alongside recent activist, trade-union and workforce collaborations, provide concrete examples for empowered just transitions.
Ecosocialist manifesto

Ecosocialist revolution: A manifesto

Ecosocialist Revolution: A Manifesto is published by Anti*Capitalist Resistance. The document and was adopted by Anti*Capitalist Resistance at their 2024 conference.
degrowth and ecosocialism

Two (wrong) views on Marx, degrowth, and productivism (plus John Bellamy Foster on ecosocialism and degrowth)

Monthly Review — The myth of Prometheanism in Marx’s thought, revived by two opposite extremes on the issue, has resulted in the erection a “Tower of Babel” that threatens to extinguish much that has been achieved by Marxian ecology.
PLM protest climate

Partido Lakas ng Masa (The Philippines): Enough false climate solutions, it’s time for an ecosocialist alternative!

PLM believes that the path towards a rapid, equitable, and just transition to renewable energy cannot be found in the false solutions promoted by domestic and foreign capitalists from the fossil fuels industry.
Jason Hickel

Jason Hickel: Climate, energy and natural resources

Jason Hickel — Ecological breakdown is being driven by the capitalist economic system, and – like capitalism itself – is strongly characterized by colonial dynamics.
red and green

Fourth International: Draft manifesto of revolutionary Marxism in the age of capitalist ecological and social destruction

Fourth International — An ecosocialist society is needed, and can be achieved only through a revolution. This manifesto tries to assess the best ways and means towards this aim.
VI Ecosocialist Meeting

Towards the VI International Ecosocialist Meeting

Maria Elena Saludas — On 9, 10 and 11 May 2024, the VI International Ecosocialist Meeting and the I Latin American and Caribbean Ecosocialist Meeting will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Global crisis, conflict and war: What internationalism for the 21st century?

Pierre Rousset provides an overview of the unfolding “polycrisis” the world is immersed in.
Marx in the Anthropocene. Towards the Idea of Degrowth communism

Marx, communism and degrowth: On Kohei Saito’s ‘Marx in the Anthropocene’

Daniel Tanuro — In ‘Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism’, Kohei Saito showed how the mature Marx had broken with productivism. His new book, ‘Marx in the Anthropocene’, continues the reflection.
Mariana Riscali

Ecosocialism, internationalism and fighting the far-right in Brazil: An interview with Mariana Riscali (MES/PSOL)

Mariana Riscali looks at the state of Brazil’s far right, as well as the country’s trade unions and social movements, and outlines MES’ views on parliamentary work, ecosocialism and internationalism.

A year on, that’s still right. London demonstration, November 2022. Photo by Steve Eason

Defining ecosocialism

Simon Pirani — Making ecosocialism a reality is a huge, many-sided collective task.